Medals of SCUL

Being in SCUL is rewarding on its own, but sometimes it's nice to be recognized for your efforts.

Basic Medals

SCUL honors were referred to as BADDVIPS (an anagram form the original honors) medals until stardate 100901. A pilot can accrue any number of each of these medals. Once a pilot has ten or more of one honor, the medal becomes brass. Medals can be awarded by any pilot, and any pilot may decline medals.


Artifact medal

Destroy an object so horribly that pilots pause in awe and reflection.


Builder medal

Construct a ship and complete an official mission without a mechanical

Flying Ace

Flying Ace medal

Win five derbies in one season, and you get one of these beauties.


Chic medal

Given to pilots who 'seriously bring it' via costume or ship decoration.


Diplomat medal

This Medal is given to a host who has successfully assisted their cadet to completion of their training and are knighted.


Patronage medal

Finally a medal you can buy your way into! Do something to support SCUL, either financially or creatively.


Ingenuity medal

A medal for the clever field repair that saves the mission.


Injury medal

The Injury medal is the purple heart of SCUL. Be sure to scream as loud as you can - make it count!


Valor medal

Bravery comes in many flavors. For those who overcome your deepest fears, we salute you with the sacred medal of Valor.


Strength medal

Typically for navigating a ship with a very poor thrust rating into a negi g-well or other gargantuan acts of stupidity.

Sansa Spacesuit

Sansa Spacesiut medal

If you're crazy enough to take your spacesuit off in space, well, this medal is for you.

Special Ops

Special Ops medal

Awarded for excessive ninja-on-submarine excellence during crucial silent-running situations.

Advanced Medals

Traveling to distant galaxies is worthy of merit, and possibly some therapy and muscle-relaxants. These medals are given out at the end of the season on Life Day

Outpost Medal

Outpost medal

Outpost medals are awarded to pilots who have camped out on a chopper tour.

Century Medal

Century medal

Any pilot who completes a one hundred light year mission without significant rest gets a coveted Century Medal.

Intergalactic Medal

Intergalactic medal

Any pilot who does a multi-day mission crossing over Galactic Borders gets the Intergalactic Medal.

Interuniversal Medal

Interuniversal medal

Given to pilots who have flown the banner of SCUL on their ships outside the US. So far, SCUL has reached Canada twice and Lithuania twice.

Cog Awards

Cog awards are only given at the end of a season. They are SCUL's most prestigious awards. A pilot may only have one cog status at a time.

Stone Cog award

Stone Cog

Typically five of these honors go to pilots who have the spirit of SCUL coursing through their veins, and the song of SCUL beating in their heart. We use a stethoscope to find out.

Bronze Cog award

Bronze Cog

Typically three pilots may receive this award per season. These pilots have gone well above the call of 'dootie'.

Iron Cog award

The Iron Cog

Typically only one pilot per season is awarded the highest honor given in SCUL—the Iron Cog. The recipient is given a special trophy and is hugged by the gang as hard as possible.

Learn more about the cog recipients on our SCUL webpage of glory.