Skunk spins a persistence of vision toy that's reads 'SCUL RULEZ'. He's wearing hid disco-samurai helmet and juvenile football shoulder pads.

SCUL Reconnaissance Videos

In the early days of SCUL, we videotaped every single mission, and had each and every pilot sign in and try to give their current rank. We then watched the raw footage the next Saturnight before flying the next mission. SCUL also made a full-length movie, cobbled together from over 500 hours of that raw footage, titled 'Operation Superposi', which played at the Coolidge Theater on stardate 20050825. The movie is no longer available, however these short videos make for a nice collection of SCULture. While most of the videos on this page are of Mission Footage, SCUL has also made a couple of Instructional videos.

Mission Footage

All SCUL mission recon videos were filmed and edited by SCUL pilot AceHole, unless otherwise noted.