Southern Beta Division, warmly greeted by the local spaceforce

SCUL Divisions

SCUL consists of four divisions, two of which are currently active. SCUL pilots can be part of multiple divisions - all they have to do is ride with them.


This is the first division of SCUL, founded by Fleet Admiral Skunk in 1996, starting out in the Boston System, them migrating to the Somerville System.

Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Artists of Artisans Asylum

SCUL prime is allied with The Artisans Asylum, the greatest makerspace in the Galaxy.

RCD: Rural Combat Division

SCUL Division Admiral Flasher (RET) used to transport five hours from Bangor every week to attend MRC for six hours, then fly until stupid-thirty with the gang, then drive five hours home - every week for many missions. He asked Skunk if it would be okay to start running his own division in the Great Galaxy ME. He used an old steel futon frame to park ships in his yard. Being up in Bangor, there was nothing to do but practice dogfight derby in the vast parking lots. This division lasted a couple of years.

SBD: Southern Beta Division

Division Admiral Tarantula (RET) was excited to start up a division in the Providence System. He had a small crew going there, but it fizzled out once he graduated from RISD.

SCD: Starchaser Division

Division Admiral Civitron has been killin' it out of his home in New Bedford. You will find Starchaser starpilot profiles and mission reports on mingled in with ours on this website.

From the Starchaser's About page

The New Bedford Starchasers are a multicultural, trans-dimensional, and inter-universal collective of sci-fi nerds, cyclists, and makers. We fly for freedom, equity, and freedom for all lifeforms. Our continuing mission: to strive to be the superhero-version of ourselves; offer aid to those in need; and unite all people in the ever-loving embrace of the Chromasonic Groove.

Founded in Earth-year 2012 as the 4th Division of SCUL, an anti-elite band of highly trained starpilots, building and testing the limits of experimental and augmented space ships on late Saturnight missions, the Starchasers have become the New Bedford’s premier bicycle chopper gang.

Since then, we have hosted dozens of classified and unclassified missions, workshops, public events, as well as a monthly series of guided tours exploring southeastern MA and myriad other worlds within the multiverse.