A SCUL plot's back showing lots of insignia and mission pins
Pilot: Dr Claw

SCUL's Point System

SCUL is a pseudomilitary organization based on naval rank, like some nerdy sci-fi movie.

The Point System Formula

In the early days of SCUL, it was challenging to encourage pilots to ride choppers, as they are inherently more difficult to propel and control than the evolved standard bicycle geometry. The way SCUL counteracts this tendency is to award more points to those who fly more challenging spacecraft. The formula may seem complex at first glance, but hopefully makes sense once you see the key.

P = (Ly * Or * 2) + ((10-Hr) * Tc) + ((10-Tr) * Gw) + B
P = Points Awarded
Ly = Light Years (miles) traveled
Or = Ship Overall Difficulty
Hr = Ship Handling Rating
Tc = Mission Technical Rating
Tr = Ship Thrust Rating
Gw = Mission G-Well Activity (hills)
B = Bonus Points

Rank Structure

cadet tagP Pilot0
aviator tagAVAviator250
aviator first class tagA1Aviator First Class600
petty officer third class tagPO3Petty Officer Third Class1,000
petty officer second class tagPO2Petty Officer Second Class1,500
petty officer first class tagPO1Petty Officer First Class2,000
chief petty officer tagCPOChief Petty Officer2,500
senior chief petty officer tagSCPOSenior Chief Petty Officer3,000
master chief petty officer tagMCPOMaster Chief Petty Officer3,500
Ensign tagENS Ensign4,000
Lieutenant Junior Grade tagLTJGLieutenant Junior Grade4,500
Lieutenant tagLTLieutenant5,100
Lieutenant Commander tagLCDRLieutenant Commander5,700
Commander tagCDRCommander6,300
Captain tagCAPTCaptain7,000
Commodore tagCOMCommodore8,000
Rear Admiral Lower Half tagRALHRear Admiral Lower Half9,000
Rear Admiral Upper Half tagRAUHRear Admiral Upper Half10,000
Vice Admiral tagVADMVice Admiral11,500
Admiral tagADMAdmiral13000
Admiral tagADFRAdmiral Fleet Ready15,000
Division AdmiralDADMDivision AdmiralCivitron
Fleet AdmiralFADMFleet AdmiralSkunk

Bonus Points

In the fledgeling days of SCUL, it was difficult to get people to pitch in and help out. The point system developed as a way to gamify tasks and to motivate pilots, as well as to let them know what task are of value to the gang. It's also a passive way we say thank you for a job well done. As SCUL systems evolve, so does our point system.

Some pilots like entering their points and watch their progression through the ranks. Some pilots couldn't care less how many SCUL points they have or what their current rank is. In either case, all pilots are asked to enter data so that we have good records of what's happening in SCUL.

Current Bonus Point Values

BulletinOrganizing, writing, and sending the subspace bulletin.200/hr
Colors on BagWearing a bag with the SCUL logo during and official mission.10
Colors on PersonWearing the SCUL logo on your clothes during an official mission.25
CupRun over a cup and crush it on an official mission: it only counts if it makes a cool sound.3
Derby Ribbon GrabGrab a derby ribbon during dogfight derby during an official mission.25
Derby WinWin a dogfight derby during an official mission.50
DramaIf a SCUL pilot endures drama, they can award themselves points.0-500+
ErrandsDropping things off and picking things up for SCUL.60/hr
Field RepairFixing something on the field during an official mission.10/min
Food WranglingMaking food for SCUL, food shopping for SCUL, or coordinating a takeout order for SCUL.75/hr
Graphic DesignCreating designs for web and print for SCUL.60/hr
HALCreating and updating information on HAL, SCUL's private wiki.60/hr
Heavy Transport ServicesHauling SCUL related cargo and/or personnel in a heavy transport for SCUL.200/hr
Hi-Fives/Waves BackHi-fiving a stranger, or waving to a stranger and receive a wave back on an official mission. Waves are the new contactless hi-fives.3 each
High Level ManagementRunning meetings, coordinating things larger than an official mission, determining group policy, etc.200/hr
Insignia on BagHaving up-to-date insignia on your bag while on an official mission.10
Insignia on PersonHaving up-to-date insignia on your person while on an official mission.25
Life Support SynthesisMusic playlist generation for an officail mission.100
MeetingsAttending All-Hands Meetings.60/hr
MRC AdvancedMaintenance, repair, and construction tasks for the benefit of SCUL that require specialized skills only a few pilots have.200/hr
MRC BasicTime spent doing maintenance, repair, and construction tasks for the benefit of SCUL using skills that can be expected of any typical pilot.100/hr
Pilot CargoCarrying SCUL related cargo on your person on an official mission. One point per pound per light year.1/lb/ly
Radiation ExposureFor pilots who get caught in the rain during official missions. 1 for misty fog, 100 for completely drenched.1-100
ShieldsWearing a helmet during an official mission. Costume helmets that do not provide any real safety do not qualify, but may grant an opportunity for a medal of Chic.50
Ship CargoCarrying cargo on your ship during official missions. 1/2 point per pound per light year.0.5/lb/ly
Transport ServicesHauling SCUL related cargo and/or personnel in a regular sized transport for SCUL.60/hr
Website DevelopmentWorking on SCUL.org, whether it's coding or adding content.200/hr
Trophy MakingMaking special medals for Life Day150/hr
Wookie WorkEncompassing the construction, maintanence, and repair of electronic equipment that is for SCUL.200/hr

For task force job point vaules, see the Task force page

The Point System is Ever-Evolving

Any pilot may offer point value change suggestions at any time - for THO ratings or bonus values.

Pilot Day, AKA 'Maggot Day'

On New Year's at the stroke of midnight, all pilots are demoted to the rank of Pilot and thier points reset to zero. Contrary to points and rank, SCUL medals are kept for life.