SCUL pilot in an astronaut suit holding a flag at night
Leotard on Operation Trip to the Moon

What is it like to be SCUL Pilot?

SCUL is very good at having a great time on a Saturnight. Everyone flies modified ships, which are swoopy and fun to fly in circles. Some are easy to fly, some are more challenging. We play funky life support a lot of the time, we cruise around and yell 'incoming' when cars come so we can let them by. There are some hardcore rules to follow but we ride tight and it shows, which makes it fun. Often it can be downright euphoric; other times, there's sore-ness. We enjoy shore leave, climb on things, eat snacks, dance and play. We fly a lot at night, but we have missions under the daystar, as well as longer range missions to faraway lands. We are all for one and one for all.

SCUL Prime Boston has a sweet clubhouse in Allston - pilots can cut civi-ships up, stick them back together. See how it flies. Or they can come and fix and tune up the fleet. Make electronic stuff for their ship. Work on a costume for an upcoming mission. Update their insignia. Some pilots just come and hang out with the rest of the gang. SCUL missions are weekly beginning the first Saturday in April, to early November.

SCUL Starchasers New Bedford has recently relocated to a nearby space! More details to come.

No Ship Required

SCUL has plenty of starships for you to choose from, and are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. No 'civi ships' are allowed on official missions unless under very special circumstances. Don't worry: we have easy ships as well as challenging ones for all types - your host can help you pick the right one for you. If you happen to have your own modified ship it needs to pass our preflight check.

Our Region of Space

SCUL Prime Boston is currently located in the Allston System, Galaxy MA.

If you happen to have access to the regions of space near the New Bedford system in Galaxy MA, point your subspace array to the Starchasers the only other active division of SCUL.

pilots lined up at the launchpad

The benefits of becoming a full-fledged pilot

  • You may attend missions without a host or wingmate.
  • You may bring recruits of your own.
  • You get a pilot page that you can update.
  • You begin to accrue spacepoints and gain spacerank based on THO ratings, mission difficulties, as well as how much they help out.
  • You gain access to our private section of the website, which comprises of a lively BBS forum and a voluminous wiki.
  • You are able to purchase embroidered 'colors' at cost.
  • And yes you will have your very own SCUL Starpilot trading card.

Are you interested in joining SCUL Prime Boston? If so, please familiarize yourself with the training process.