SCUL: Sci-Fi Fueled Bicycle Chopper Gang

We are a crew of specially trained starpilots, building and testing the limits of our experimental and augmented ships on late Saturnight missions, exploring the greater Boston and New Bedford starsystems and beyond. We are a highly organized battalion of funk.

We Make Spaceships Out of Bicycles

We have been engaging in classified and declassified patrol missions since Earth Year 1996. It's a lot of hard work, and danger is everywhere. Our fighter cockpits are hard, and our ships require lots of extra thrust and coordination than stock-civilian vessels. But it's sooooo much fun!

What is it like to be a SCUL pilot?

It is fun.

Our Motto:
Be a Superhero Version of Yourself

Take you and make it super-you. It's entirely up to each starpilot do decide what that means.

SCUL's Mission

  • To design, create, maintain, use and abuse organically-powered starships
  • To thoroughly enjoy the perils of space travel
  • To foster and nurture creativity and personal freedom with the camaraderie of fellow starpilots

What Does S.C.U.L. Stand For?

'SCUL Can't Use Acronyms'

Contact Protocol

What to do if you see SCUL in your local reality bubble:

  • If we are in friendly space, prepare for a hi-five or a friendly wave.
  • If we are in hostile space, clear the sky and let us do our job, flying these ships can be harder than it looks.
  • If we land on your planet, open hailing frequencies and establish communication. We come in peace!

Hailing Frequencies Open

Send us a Subspace Xmission.

SCUL enjoys hearing from folks.

Do you have some items you might like to donate?

Season Stats

Missions  15
Light Years  174.03
Pilots  58
Knightings  3
Recruits  13
Ships  74
Builder  3
Diplomat  2
Valor  1
Injury  1
Strength  7
Chic  8
Sansaspacesuit  5
MRC Medal  2
Hi-Fives  774
Waves  432
Cups  816
Derby Win  2

Latest SCUL Prime Mission: Stardate 2024.06.15


Destination  That piece of construction

Status Success
Light Years  17.404
Diplomat  1
Injury  1
Strength  2
Chic  3

Commissioner Kilo3 of the SCUL Public Infrastructure Taskforce (S.P.I.T.) has announced the annual general review of infrastructure improvements undertaken in the last fiscal year. A public meeting will be hosted by the review board on stardate 240615. To register for...

Latest Starchaser Mission: Stardate 2024.06.08


Destination  Fellow pilots fire pit

Status Success
Light Years  1.5

Tonight's mission is one of comfort. There is an earthy tradition where you sit around a blazing fire, roasting goodies, and singing songs. This is the premise of the mission. First we must grab Previsions in the form of roastable...

Star File: Mission Medley Mission

Nosepicker has the list of ingredients for curse guy's drink.