the cast of Design Squad with members of SCUL pose at the Design Squa HQ parking lot

Art Bike Invasion in Telšiai Lithuania

Press: Telsiu Zinios

June 2018

Translated from Lithuanian to English

On June 4–15, a children's summer camp was held in Telšiai - an art workshop, where bicycles brought from the Nevada desert were revived. The camp took place in the yard of Telšiai Arts Incubator. It was possible to meet guests even from America here.

The Burning Man LT team, the digital production laboratory M-Lab and the creators of art bicycles from Boston SCUL resided in the Telšiai Arts Incubator for two weeks.

According to Valdemaras Eitutis, the director of Telšiai Art School, it is an interesting fact that the bicycles were brought to Telšiai from the Burning Man festival in the USA, after which the participants of the festival simply leave the used bicycles in the desert. It is from this desert that 200 bicycles were brought to Telšiai. Each participant in the camp chose what they liked and created the one they dreamed of.

The organizer of the camp, Giedrius Kavaliauskas, assured that the people of Telšiai had successfully joined the project and had received participants from Plungė as well.

"In the camp, we combined art and engineering. Very different activities took place here: some constructed frames, some made decorations in a high-tech laboratory. The participants of the workshop created unique lighting, playing, tricycles, elevated and so on. bicycles. Telšiai people creatively and boldly express ideas," said G. Kavaliauskas.

The "Art Bike Invasion" will be crowned by a parade in Vilnius on June 17 during the "Culture Night".

the cast of Design Squad with members of SCUL pose at the Design Squa HQ parking lot