Status: Success


Revolution At The Disko

Mission Objectives

respond to classified distress call
be stealthy
check out Silos

Mission Summary

We had been havink opportunity to go to top Secret EuroDisko Spy and
revolutionary Partei- Please be understandink of the adventure by
cvicking, and listnink. Please.

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If not convinc-ed, then
be clicking here for listening.

5...4...3...1.... OFFBLAST!

We are headink for zee Fort Channelink System, like cosmonaut on first
ride. Splittink from groiupink, on dangerous more mission in Abandoned
Silo Level Radiations. In true to forms, Hapto is tryink to be killink
us all... or
mabye makink she is metaphor for struggles of workink peoples who are
liking disko. We are triumphant as we are makeing way to system, past
Enemy Checkpoint McGrath with much making of success. We are riding
past the city in heavy radiations, but the proletariat will not be
making soggy entrance! We are dried and were given clearance with
comrades, an then plied with super turbo wineski, red canned beerski, and
Comrade masokist joined us as she was being flying in on her wheeled
transport having many of the uality having bougeois. She is comrade
and she is dancink also.

After the driksking there was ridings through cities, like small
parade, and Commrade Pywacket, was beginink to be showink of his
status of a href="">"Red
by dropink chain, and nearly dyink. (Hapto not killink in case here)
But we kills him back byt taking up beeg hillski to top of House of
State, wherein miniature protestink with dancink and restink did much
occur. We have been makink with the kicking around.

Then we are coastink hilldown, to making into sekkrit alley of href="
We spied on bougie accoutrements, while making ov planink of
revolitioniski... But the bourgoisie they have been leavink surptise
glass piece for Comrade pywacket, and they are beink taking down
strong Ship in fleet. Only think that will be stopping us is flat
tire! On the freezink bridge we were making of the changink. Commrade
Threespeed was making the changink, and as with strong russian
bruilding strongest ship is not of the easy to be takink apart. Is
like Star of Death... only one small point, ov the weakness. It is of
the many times taking trouble with liftink and pullink, and the Cold
serbian air rushink through to chill our bones. But in old russia
Triumphant has you!

Second destination of Comrade Snarly is makink message sayink no more
party. The booze rations must have been consum-ed and there is
nothink but borscht. So
we are passink and takiking from the trash of Comrade-friend Carburry
who is very generous, and the ration line is not long, so we are

Then in valiant efforting to be savink Cloudbuster from doom of
curbwise sidewise attacking, Pywaket is throwink himself under proud
ships, makink on many injuries upon himself, desiring of
mini-medi-bagink of bottle of medic. He is earnink medal if injurink
for brave attempot to add to his collecting.

Then we are ridink way of home, as a good revolutionary are the well
rested revolutionary. Many successing, Many good comrades and good time.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Chastity 372.211   Ensign
Hapto Basquiat 921.26   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Kaibosch Scrotesque 293.767   Petty Officer First Class
pywaket Cloudbuster 710.707   Commodore
Threespeed Iron Butterfly 559.016   Captain
Twitch Slag 216.496   Petty Officer First Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Hapto
Deck Officer Hapto
Navigator Hapto
Tailgunner Kaibosch
Tool Bag Nosepicker
Flat Bag Threespeed
Airlock Threespeed
Life Support 1 pywaket
Mission Debriefer Hapto
Mission Reporter Hapto
Beer Mule Kaibosch

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderHapto
Mission Size 6 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Light Years11.153
G-Well Activity4.200
Technical Rating4.600