Status: Success


Crank My Glitch Up

Mission Objectives

*represent at Firefly in the VT Galaxy
*crank out the groove
*dance till we drop

Mission Summary

What do ten SCUL pilots do at the Firefly Arts Festival in nothern VT
on a Saturnight when they can't partake in WalTor Day activities? They
find the bicycles, ride them, fix them, ride them some more, and
counter techno and psytrance with some good old fashioned Choppergroove!

We took over the Sustainable Sound camp Saturday night,
supplying both disco music (and stage antics by Pecan, Rubbish, and
Starving) and the power to crank two bicycle-driven generators that
powered their impressive sonic disruptor array. Heavy bass chords
were the G-well, and light years got turned into zoobs measured on a
digital display that often hovered around "11".

Pecan coordinated the music situation, tracking down a fellow-nerd
blue shirt who had hours and hours of groove. His groove was so good
that pilots fell out of orbit from grooving too hard. We started the
party, we collected large piles of fireflies, as well as a bunch of
fire spinners, and we brought the funk on so hard that we outlasted
them all. By the time we reached the disco Star Wars theme (powered
by Kamikaze and Shakes), pilots were screaming that we couldn't groove
any more! People tried to sit out, but the force of the groove was
too strong. You know you've grooved too hard when Vomit begs you not
to play another song.

From there we trekked through the woods and back to camp to continue
the groove from the safety of our beer glasses. Kamikaze led the way,
and we droppped out of orbit briefly to enjoy tasty tasty space
popcorn vittles provided by Poppa Popalopalous (our own friendly Q!).

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader eHawk
Deck Officer pecan
Gate Attendant Rubbish
MRC Officer dillweed
Navigator Kamikaze
Tailgunner vomit
Tool Bag Threespeed
Ambassador Buckminister
Still Cam Exon
Recycler Starving
Damage Control Hapto
Beer Mule Shakes
Beer Wrangler Pretzel
Food Wrangler MegaSeth
Sentry Quandary

Mission Parameters

Mission LeadereHawk
Mission Size 0 pilots
Light Years11.192
G-Well Activity1.320
Technical Rating2.195