Status: Failure



Original plan:

Sortie will head out to meet the century pilots and help raise
their spirits for their final stretch.

Despite having a map, a flashlight, a subspace communicator,
both hands and their ass, this mission was unable to locate the
century. Midway it was discovered that the century was warping
through planet Massachusetts at unheard-of speed while the rendezvous
party straggled down the Minuteman wormhole in the opposite

Revised plan:

Pilots Retard and Buckminister will head out from the century to
meet the
rendezvous pilots and help raise their spirits for their final

This done, all headed back to Fort Joy for reunion, ZyGoat's
and beer molecules. Win and fail met and annihilated each other in a
burst of cosmic rays.

(addendum by metoikos)
Highlights included:

*Inebriated food charging into the midst of the fleet and nearly
unseating several pilots and a maggot in the Davis Constellation.

*Catastrophic booster failure on Kpafun's ship (resulting in a shiny
relic). Skunk's fix which enabled return to base was to tie Kpafun's
foot to the remaining booster with a cut up plasma casing.

*A group effort at the end of the night to hacksaw Strangelove off
fence where Threespeed had anchored it, after the key went missing.

Videos here but I don't know how to embed them:

This mission failed so hard that two days after it happened nobody
signed up for it but a single maggot.

It's OK. We won't tell anyone you were there.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
metoikos Sloth 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Deck Officer DeathTrap
Navigator Plasmonster
Mission Reporter Leotard
Filmer DeathTrap

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 1 pilot
OriginFort Joy
Destinationsomewhere around the concord/lexington systems
Light Years16.200
G-Well Activity1.020
Technical Rating1.250