Status: Success


Let's have a Parade

A massive parade (unsanctioned) through the city with ships galore.
The two person butterfly posed some interesting navigation challenges through the city and the crowds as it was not the fastest ship and it was hard to turn.
Shore leave at a plaza where fire spinning and juggling show wow'd the masses.
Shore leave in the middle of a field by the river where emc2 was knighted and blessed to continue spreading SCULture to Lithuanian galaxy.
The mission ended at this outdoor club in the middle of the street. Allspice encountered a critical failure as the steering column fell apart. Fuzz was tired and really wanted to go to sleep.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Yippie Ki Yay 107.183  
emc2 Speed Dating 178.371   Pilot
eXceSs Once Folded 133.901  
Goku Civilian Ship 26.7802  
Lordmcfuzz Bucketlist 241.88  
Pastry Queen Allspice 225.958  
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Taskforce Pilot
Navigator Pastry Queen
Tailgunner BaneThunderwolf
Com-Sat 1 eXceSs
Tool Bag Lordmcfuzz
Flat Bag Lordmcfuzz

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 6 pilots
OriginLithuanian Choo choo train
Destinationnite Party
Light Years11.716
G-Well Activity1.100
Technical Rating2.248