Status: Success


Gremlins: The First Batch

Don't get them wet. Keep them out of bright light. And never feed them (or let them keep riding) after midnight.

LordMcFuzz did not take all the jobs. In fact he didn't get any jobs because of the Quasit that got lodged in his airlock, sending him out of phase and unable to make the mission. BaneThunderwolf stepped in last minute to lead the mission while Fuzz dequasits. What followed was a standard ops style ride that was so quick, most instruments failed to document all of it. The fleet nearly got to Porter, Harvard, and Kendall Constellations, but still managed to have a good time despite the looming threat of heavy radiation. There was a wayward Sprocket who handed out excited high-fives as the fleet turned towards home, in view of the radiological light show that heralded the arrival of the radiation clouds.

On the landing pad, the pilots that had not stopped for snacks and that had arrived home long before bedtime considered taking another ride as the radiation forecast improved, however that's a tale for another mission...
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Cloudbuster 1048.56   Lieutenant
DrClaw Shockwave 493.325   Commodore
DreadFlint Star Hustler 382.282   Aviator First Class
Rocket 88 356.363   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Sparrow Star Hustler (Bombardier) 0  
Wombat Bieber Fever 443.741   Lieutenant Commander
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader BaneThunderwolf
Deck Officer BaneThunderwolf
Gate Attendant BaneThunderwolf
Navigator DrClaw
Tailgunner Rocket
Com-Sat 1 Wombat
Tool Bag DreadFlint
Flat Bag DreadFlint
Medi Bag Rocket
Wookiee Bag Wombat
Ambassador Rocket
Chalk Bag Wombat
Still Cam Sparrow
Airlock DrClaw
Recycler Wombat
Life Support 1 BaneThunderwolf
Life Support 2 DrClaw
Life Support 3 Rocket
Damage Control DrClaw
Minister of Zoobs DrClaw
Mission Pinner BaneThunderwolf
Mission Debriefer BaneThunderwolf
Mission Reporter BaneThunderwolf
Stellar Cartographer BaneThunderwolf
Cleaner DreadFlint
Compressor Wrangler DreadFlint
Life Support Synthesis BaneThunderwolf

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderBaneThunderwolf
Mission Size 6 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationWater avoidance
Light Years8.838
G-Well Activity0.115
Technical Rating0.678