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Superhero Super Mission


With each shift I attend at the Artisan Asylum's PPE Initiative, more responsibility is given. I am but a cog in a machine that strives to help the true heros on the front line of the war. The task is daunting and their need is great, so I am quick and careful in my work. Several communiques reaching out to different SCUL pilots have had no response. I assume the worse but am hopeful it's only a communication malfunction. Contact successfully established with Doofladji in a far off system. (Happy Orbital! 20/05/16). She, Kamikaze and their two offspring are doing well, despite current circumstances. Rewarded myself with a 8.8345ly ride through mostly empty streets and one box of cinnamon doughnut molecules. All will be well again.

Fort S-town Report:

PPEQ has been slaving away creating protection for the universe, so fellow fortmates Xs and Octopus reminded them that the great skyways needed patrolling, and they needed to relax. Octopus and PQ having spent significant time in flight training decided it was wise to attempt the upcoming mission on civi-ships, the better to conquer the inevitable negi g-wells. Our brave pilots landed at Ft November to greet a wild space Kpafun. PQ gifted the denizens of Ft November with many vessels, large and small, in which to cultivate space salad, and in return, the three selected a variety of small alien life forms, including a brave new member of the household, to be forever known as Spruce Cambell. After much documentation, the three hove back off into space, with XS performing daring maneouvres aboard his civi ship. All parties, including the alien lifeforms arrived back at Ft S-town unscathed, and will hopefully prosper to provide foodstuffs on this strange planet!

Other pilots who visited Ft Tyler to check on PQ- BTW, Kongzilla, Fuzz, XS <3

Lordmcfuzz's Report

I made it a point to check in with several pilots this week. Some via email, some via mobile droid, and two in person(from a healthy distance).
My flights were long a filled with negi g-wells as I traveled high up to Robbins Farm Park and Prospect Hill Park for some photos of the Traveler. Each flight I treated myself to Forge Bakery and a chill out time in the middle of bow st on my favorite bench. The Traveler has a few latte foam stains from flying over some craters causing my drink to send foamy spurts out of the togo top. I waved to many people and made their days. A mother and children were really impressed that I was prepared to fix a flat that I got on my way to Waltham. I sent a mobile driod message to PeaceFrog and as the day star allows the community tiny humans to be awake as I flew by. I also finally did something good for my home post room and ordered a desk to work from. I'm currently paused on the instruction that says I need an assistant, it was not written with social distancing in mind. All together I flew 56.5 l.y. over three flights

This subspace message has been brought to you by Skynet 2.0. Message may or may not self-destruct.

Data relay array by Russell Street
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Bieber Fever 107  
eXceSs Civilian Ship 0  
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 480   Petty Officer Third Class
NOVA Mad Rabbit 0  
Octopus Civilian Ship 0  
Pastry Queen Civilian Ship 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Lordmcfuzz

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderLordmcfuzz
Mission Size 6 pilots
OriginInner self
DestinationThe super hero version of yourself
Light Years0.000
G-Well Activity0.000
Technical Rating0.000