Status: Success


Fuzz Rides Bostreal

Mission Objectives

Complete the planned flight under the pilot's own power
No ship abandoned
No injury medals
Take photos
Hand out stickers

Mission Summary

Lordmcfuzz is riding on the Boston Cyclist Union Fundraiser ride.

4 days of riding a HARV to the Hero island. Fully supported. Fuzz build his HARV specifically for this ride. Fuzz raised $2137 earth credits for the BCU.

Pre start donuts and lagging people to the starting point: 5.38 ly. It started out with me almost being left hooked leaving my neighborgood, I took it as a sign that today was going to be a good day and that would be the worst. I ate two donuts and noticed my chain tension was loose.

Day 1: 72.78 light years, outpost

We started late, no surprise there. I kept a good steady pace, at one point someone told me that i was a robot. The snack spots were awesome. Some radiation therapy was had at lunch. The whole ride was pretty much a negi gwell. The last 20 lys were brutal. I navied purple for about 75% of this day. The groove that I played was essential, thank the chopper lords that I brought zoobs enough to last me the trip. Outpost was set up quickly and dinner was had. The camp shower was really cramped. I feel a little like jello. Tomorrow will be interesting.

Day 2: 84.72 light years, intergalactic, outpost

Oh dang you have to wake up early for this. I was not mentally prepared for that. To complete 80+ light years in the day time and get to the next outpost would be a challenge. We left at the time we should have left the day before.
The day was full of g-wells and horses. Western MA and into Vermont is basically all negi-g-well that needed to be conquered to get to the next outpost. I navied all but 30 lys of this day. 10lys before the last water stop I needed a tardis and ride with jeebus said there was one there. When I arrived at the rest stop, which was a large radiation dam, It was said that the tardis building was at the bottom of the dam. I raced down the dam and found nothing. I cursed the dam, as I had the fly all the way back up it with nothing accomplished and fully bodied. I refilled my bottles and grabbed some snacks and headed out without any of my companions as I really needed to go. There was 20 lys left to the outpost and all I found was g-wells and some very tempting radiation tubs on the side of the space byway. I don't know how I made it to the outpost but I did. Stickers were given to a small human playing at the outpost as they patiently waited for me with their Human keeper.

Day 3: 70.95 light years, outpost

The sleep and wake up routine has now been learned and efficient planning has been executed. We rolled out early to tackle the days g-wells. There was a small early teaser to what the day had in store. Ride with Jeebus called out a g-well that was named The Murder Horn. It was long and it just kept going up. We had a small break at the Vermont Green Mountain sign before pressing on the complete the gwell. After that is was smooth sailing with ~20 ish lys of posi gwell action.

We got to the outpost in good time, enough for some nebula radiation therapy under the day star. This was happened to be a really good day and It gave me hope that I was going to succeed at this mission! A hint of radiation in the weather report was found.

Day 4: 58.15 light years. outpost

We woke up early and packed up the outpost quick in case the sky opened up. The weather lords were kind and did not spit at us until after we launched for the day. It was just spit though, nothing to be sad about or let ruin the flight. With only 55 light years planned, spirits were high that we could relax the pace a bit and still get to the outpost with time to relax.

I got to talk to a bike shop that rehabed old civi's to give to children without bikes. They knew and admired Skunk's creation USB Mjollnir with out prompting. They were excited to see my ship.

The wormholes found up near Burlington were flat and really nice. Most riders around me went back into Burlington for food molecules but just a few stayed back with me to scrounge through the support transports for left overs to be transformed into dinner. It was a very good choice as the riders reported back that their expedition found mixed results of success and failure.

Day 5: 28.59 light years, outpost

Even though the day was planned to be short (no Montreal century this year), we still had to break the outpost down early so things could be set up at the last and final outpost. Some of us skipped outpost breakfast and elected to fly back into Burlington to the Skinny Pancake to fill our tummies. With the light day, we flew casually through the city and visited various places. We stopped at the Old Spokes Home for various repairs and to chat about bikes. I did a sticker exchange. I found one scary looking HARV in Burlington, it was in flying condition but something that Deathtrap or Nosepicker would build as something fun and not long lasting.

After leaving the city, it was smooth wormhole flying to the ship ferry. My second time riding this very short ferry ride with a SCUL ship. We continued along our prescribed route and stopped at a winery that was offering cheap flights. It was a very relaxing day. It ended at nice outpost with some radiation therapy.

Mission success.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 9403.66  
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Taskforce Pilot
Navigator Lordmcfuzz
Tool Bag Lordmcfuzz
Ambassador Lordmcfuzz
Still Cam Lordmcfuzz
Life Support 1 Lordmcfuzz
Mission Reporter Lordmcfuzz

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 1 pilot
OriginFort Puritan
DestinationHero Islands
Light Years315.190
G-Well Activity4.750
Technical Rating2.120