Status: Failure


Made of Sugar

Mission Objectives

  • Wear or bring some element of rain gear (poncho, umbrella, jacket, shoe covers etc)
  • Procure and consume sugary SNAX
  • Make it to the top of candy mountain
  • All pilots must stay dry

Mission Summary

The mission was to stay dry while climbing Candy Mountain. The lure of radiation immersion therapy was too much to resist, and half the battalion willfully disobeyed orders and crossed the saturation horizon of the nebula, mere hours before Henri's landfall. It was worth it.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Cosima Mad Rabbit 0  
Dead Bride Albatross 620   Petty Officer Second Class
Deadblow Crowley 194.134  
Gritty Curb Burner 550.731   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Grog Pale Horse 0  
Lordmcfuzz Super Hardon Collider 1597.16  
Punchy Compliance 338.574  
Threespeed Dr. Moreau 605.026   Chief Petty Officer
Wombat Mary Jane Goodall 498.366  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Dead Bride
Deck Officer Punchy
Gate Attendant Lordmcfuzz
Navigator Lordmcfuzz
Tailgunner Deadblow
Com-Sat 1 Wombat
Com-Sat 2 Threespeed
Tool Bag Gritty
Flat Bag Threespeed
Medi Bag Deadblow
Wookiee Bag Cosima
Ambassador Grog
Chalk Bag Punchy
Still Cam Gritty
Airlock Gritty
Recycler Dead Bride
Life Support 1 Dead Bride
Damage Control Grog
Minister of Zoobs Cosima
Mission Pinner Dead Bride
Mission Debriefer Wombat
Mission Reporter Punchy
Stellar Cartographer Grog
Cleaner Dead Bride

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderDead Bride
Mission Size 9 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationRadiation Avoidance
Light Years20.000
G-Well Activity1.548
Technical Rating0.736