Status: Success


The Groove Never Dies

Mission Objectives

  • Buzz at least 5 shuttered music venues with disruptors at maximum.
  • Stop and Chalk up at least 2 of them, with one ideally near snax.
  • Dance!
  • Dress up as or wear swag from broken up bands or deceased musical performers.
  • Medal of Chic for best outfit.
  • Chalk bag gets double points.
  • Every active radiobox gets double points.

Mission Summary

A ready to funk amount of pilots assembled on the launch pad to go see nonexistent venues of the past where people would experience the scene of the time. Immediately we had to make a mission critical pit stop to pick up some missing bags as we are still getting used to this nomadic mission style while the fort is put together.

The fleet buzzed by with full sonic disruptors in no particular order:
  • Thunder Road
  • Bull McCabe's
  • Oberon
  • Harper's Ferry
  • Great Scott (chalked up!)
  • Avalon Boston (and all the other places that once were on Lansdowne Street)
  • The Cantab Lounge
  • Wonder Bar
  • All Asia
  • The Abby
  • The Kirkland Cafe
  • Church
  • T.T the Bear's Place
  • ManRay (chalked up!)

Medal of Chic to Wombat for digging out a TT's The Bear's shirt.
Medal of Chic to Cosima for dressing up as Amy Winehouse, which some food mistook as a pirate costume and thus the gang was mistaken as a bunch of pirates.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Cosima Vespira 502.618   Petty Officer Second Class
Dead Bride Albatross 200   Aviator
DrClaw Shockwave 1063   Petty Officer Second Class
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 1101.74   Petty Officer Second Class
Threespeed Burning Chrome 449.399   Petty Officer Third Class
Wombat El Guapo 663.22   Petty Officer Third Class
Ziqqurat Iridium 531.975   Chief Petty Officer
Pilots must be logged in to see the briefing.
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader DrClaw
Deck Officer DrClaw
Gate Attendant Cosima
Navigator Lordmcfuzz
Tailgunner Wombat
Com-Sat 1 Threespeed
Tool Bag Threespeed
Flat Bag Ziqqurat
Medi Bag Lordmcfuzz
Wookiee Bag Cosima
Ambassador Cosima
Chalk Bag Ziqqurat
Still Cam Dead Bride
Life Support 1 DrClaw
Life Support 2 Dead Bride
Life Support 3 Ziqqurat
Mission Debriefer Lordmcfuzz
Mission Reporter Lordmcfuzz
Stellar Cartographer Lordmcfuzz

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderDrClaw
Mission Size 7 pilots
Light Years15.828
G-Well Activity2.209
Technical Rating2.315