Status: Failure


Into The Void

This is the story of the first mission led by Shadowman. Oh hubris!

20:30 launch.
Immediate delay. Truth Seeker had a malfunction with his pants. After a quick change, we continued.

Secured the Dartmouth border. Flew through a pit of darkness and our maggot landed on Hathaway. Hard.
Truth Seeker bailed voluptuous and we had a medical. And a mechanical.

We checked it out and the main thruster was compromised. And chalk bag was missing. And panic ensued. Shadowman doubled back to scour for the beloved bag of tag but alas, no torch could illuminate the depths to which it fell. Defeated, he rejoined the waiting Truth Seeker to see if he had found a solution to his problem. He had not. Executive decisions were made.

Shadowman switched ships and we carried on.

Back at Fort Jonathan, Shadowman retired Voluptuous for the night and commissioned the lady, Angry Candy. After a quick break we headed back to it.

We made another attempt and Angry Candy would not cooperate. A near meeting with oncoming traffic and Shadowman decided to call it quits. Mission fail.

The crew learned a lot of good lessons tonight. Pack only what you need. Dress for success. Take your jobs seriously. And know your limits. Failure teaches you where your borders are. Secure them and move on.

-23:00 end.
-12 light years
-Damage to Voluptuous
-Chalk bag lost in space
-Angry Candy calmed a bit
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Shadowman Angry Candy 717.233   Petty Officer Third Class
Truth Seeker Voluptuous 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Shadowman
Deck Officer Shadowman
Navigator Shadowman
Tailgunner Truth Seeker
Ambassador Shadowman
Chalk Bag Truth Seeker
Airlock Shadowman
Mission Reporter Shadowman

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderShadowman
Mission Size 2 pilots
OriginFort Jonathan
DestinationDarkness and the Void
Light Years12.280
G-Well Activity1.110
Technical Rating1.007