Status: Virtual


Bending Space Time

eXceSs report

eXceSs Reporting from the warp. I was thrown to and fro by the bends of space through the space lanes some familiar, some not. The food were sparse but responded to my waves of posifunkitude. Not a single cup to be seen, space surely is different these days. I took shore leave at luna MIT and tried to climb a tree that I remembered was good for climbing, but it has gotten taller since the last time I tried or my efforts were thwarted by a G-well. I left a message to cheer up any other travelers lost in the warp and went on my way.

Lordmcfuzz Report

Lordmcfuzz Reporting: 28 light years of Somerville and Cambridge slow back streets! I started my mission with breakfast at the fort, but was rudely interrupted by a power outage which stopped the toaster oven from working. Alternatives were sought out. I found that Forge was taking online orders for some coffee and a small selection of bake goods so I ordered on my way out the door. Flying on my new ship it was a nice experience getting to my breakfast. I put a playlist of podcasts on my class two sonic disrupted that would last me my entire mission. Normally on Saturday's I go to Union Square donuts to get cold brew and donuts but a latte and a sticky bun ended up being a great substitute. I then headed to my favorite park bench, which is located in the middle of Bow street and summer street. Its a odd shaped park in an odd location. I lacked chalk to leave a message so I ended up talking with some locals and left a positive message. After a relaxing sit, eat and drink, I continued on to find a circular route back home. It just so happens that my route home was 22 light years longer than it took me to get to that bench. I circled around union sq, I circled all of Brattle street, and I found a few black holes in between. I circled around Mass ave as that was too busy and too fast for my mission. I circled a blackhole by flattops, I circled a civi-bike counter. I circled back to Davis square to go up by Tufts. I did whole neighbor hood circles by ball square exploring the one way roads. I ran into Epsilon and had a great chat with them! I had a few good chats in flight with some civilians before completing my slow circle back home. No mechanicals!

Fleet Admiral Skunk Report

Reporting from the Waltham System. I think folks out here aren't as affected by the Pandemic as much as the people living in the city. Other than most people wearing masks at the supermarket and not seeing much TP, daily life seems about the same. From what I'm hearing, life in Somerville is much more dire.

I'm a very short ride from beautiful country roads and peaceful woods. I decided to make a video for pilots who live in the city in an attempt to bottle some peace that I find on these rides, collecting video clips with my phone, as well as recording some sounds using professional equipment. There's more work in the making of this clip than meets the eye, and while I'm disappointed with the compression quality of YouTube and Vimeo, I do hope pilots and civis enjoy the ride!

As far as the waving goes, most folks on civi ships were unresponsive and snobby, but not all of them, which helped a lot. many spacewalkers were more responsive.

Total light years traveled: unknown.

Diva Report

I mostly stuck to my civi ship on a flight simulator as I am trying to lower the chances of needing to go to the ER these days. On this morning's flight simulation I covered 19.85 light years and climbed 3760 ft of negi g well while riding virtually part of the Tour de Swiss in another universe. I also chalked out a message of thanks to postal workers and deliver drivers on my front steps.

Dr.Claw Report

I rode a loop out an back to the Asylum, the first time I'd been there since we'd all started living like Morlocs. It was the middle of the night, but I still stopped at traffic signals. There was only one other inmate in sight when I arrived and I waved. My mission criteria was to pack out all of the stuff I thought might come in handy over the next 2-9 months. I left with two bulging panniers, an overloaded basket, and a pair of boxes ratchet-strapped on my civi's rack. Before launching back into space, I left a message of hope in the form of a stack of 3D printing filament for use on PPE. The basket full of equipment made the ride home pretty squirrely.

Leotard Report

Tard reporting from the warp, I'm still unspaceworthy so this report concerns a space-walk. Returning by transport from the Getaway Stick Repair Station in Melrose System, upon skirting local heavy nebulas and crinoid infestations, I halted my transport to explore further. Summiting a local mons I observed tiny creatures, which as a collective (Bryophyta) and as individuals (those with fungal symbionts) have encrusted these glacier-scarred rocks since the last Ice Age. Cf. pictures. I did not leave any messages, other than to keep them company for a little while.

Dead Bride and Threespeed Report

We set out to visit a favorite local attraction that can now only be reached by a circuitous route: Satans Nostrils, Not only does the passage through a Nostril inspire a leisurely pace, the better to enjoy the acoustics and watch for infernal snot, but the respiratory tract is often on all our minds these days.

While transiting the Nostrils, Dead Bride made a new friend, named Splatty McRatty. He was caught mid-leap on his way to Rat Heaven so she helped him on his way by bestowing wings and a halo. Let him be a shining beacon to beckon all the other rodents off of our mortal plane.

After wending our way to the Prospect Hill Tower to observe the sunset, Threespeed added a message of hope (of avoiding infection) to the stairs: KEEP CALM and WASH YER HANDS. Total distance unknown, only a few light years.


Recon Mission to --REDACTED-- proved to take longer than usual. Zero Contact Protocols mandated many extra twists/turns/and long scenic journeys in many wrong directions to minimize pilot risks. Arriving on location, I took to the space lanes where I found several many spacetree fauna; snake, chipmunk, great blue heron, and several other varieties of space fowl. The area is littered with bunkers, some more secret than others. Someone else already put a message to lift spirits on one of the bunkers. Will need to investigate other locations to spread mirth.

Recruit Training Log (y.t.)

Stardate 20200424
- Post midday refuel hour, recruit self ejected from kitchen chair. Environmental gravity of Fort Issimo was operational, resulted in facial trauma to recruit, where the trajectory of fall was interrupted by Earth percussion instruments known as 'xylophones.' Visible bruising developed over afternoon recruit maintenance period, worthy of a Medal of Injury should the trauma took place during a mission.

Stardate: 20200425
- Two unplanned, supervised missions
- Route:
- Ship: Civilian Woom glider
- LY traveled: 1.6774
- Notes: Recruit abandoned ship roughly half a dozen times, no notable injuries to operator nor ship. Both missions ended critically with recruit meltdowns, initiated by the removal of civilian glider by trainer, in adherence to recruit's refuel and maintenance schedule.

Starpilot NOVA Reporting!

Eager to feel the long-missed burn in her thighs, and Anxious to test her now healed bionic implants, NOVA set out to make the longest single flight in her career as a Pilot! Her goal: to complete the Mission Parameters by traveling to the Place of her Knighting!

While her coworkers were sipping down molecules of various concoctions over a "local earth video call" Friday Eve, NOVA was busy planning a circuitous route to the infamous Deer Island! And the following Morning, only two earth-hours behind schedule, NOVA set out to Launch on her winter companion Mad Rabbit, and made sure to take pictures along the way!

She traveled a total of 32 lightyears, indeed longer than any single flight she had taken before, stopping only once for snax and again at her destination: the shore of Deer Island. Feeling inspired by the warmth of the Daystay, she basked in its infrared glory.

Staring out at the all-surrounding nebulae, NOVA found her so rare line-of-sight out of the Boston system, to the greater earthun heavy-nebluae beyond. Here she constructed from local silica, a subspace buoy, in an effort to send posi vibration to other life forms who would share her path.

NOVA was overjoyed to hear the cheers of passing civlians, however infrequent, as well as the friendly hails of their transports. It would seem they are almost as happy to see us back on our patrols as we are! (just kidding).

Oh, to be a Starpilot, to Fly in Space as we do. How truly lucky we are.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Civilian Ship 0  
Dead Bride Civilian Ship 22   Pilot
Diva Civilian Ship 0  
DrClaw Civilian Ship 0  
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 270  
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 148   Pilot
NOVA Mad Rabbit 81  
Skunk Civilian Ship 200  
Threespeed Pinafore 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader eXceSs
Still Cam Dead Bride
Filmer Skunk
Life Support Synthesis Skunk

Mission Parameters

Mission LeadereXceSs
Mission Size 9 pilots
OriginYour Home
DestinationThe Folds of Space
Light Years0.000
G-Well Activity0.000
Technical Rating0.000