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Sesame Street

Diva and Waltor's report

This report is brought to you by the letter O and the numbers 6, 8 and 5. Diva started in the giant launch pad and derby arena in the Maynard system by Luna5 where her maggot BabyButtCrack joined her. She had long wanted a pilot BabyButtCrack to join SCUL and after years of prodding, finally maggot BabyButtCrack came along for this mission. Her maggot was quiet and a good listener and did not whine at all despite the blustery weather. BabyButtCrack was also a quick learner of Nav/tail procedure and kept tight to her wheel. Diva attempted to navigate by first making 6 letter O's and one inscribed number 6, but got dizzy. Without the help of TheCount, she accidentally ended up making 8 O's.

DivaSesameStvideo from Diva Scul on Vimeo.

Diva and her maggot then headed up Planet Taylor and Planet Karlee to a small cul de sac where she completed 6 more donuts and mapped out a 6. Next she headed towards Planet O'Moore to complete her mission objective of riding on a planet with the letter O.

After arriving at her fort, she stopped for snacks. Thankfully, after a month and a half, Diva managed to finally procure all the necessary molecules for making oatmeal cookies. She got a hold of Waltor and visited Oscar the Grouch and all proceeded to munch on her bounty. nom nom nom! Waltor and Oscar then got on their civiships on flight simulators to complete the mission virtually.
Mission: Success! Total traveled 1.5LY outside 16LY on flight simulator.

Lordmcfuzz's report

Lordmcfuzz' and his imaginary maggot's unplanned, unstructured adventure:
Mcfuzz's maggot's name is Drochenrod, and they were late to the launch. They did not come with their favorite letter or a lucky number so the mission had to be done with Lordmcfuzz's choices of 'V' and 12. With a late launch on a Tuesday afternoon they traveled in search of a street that started with a 'V'. As the navigator, Fuzz stumbled upon Vernon st quite quickly. Drochenrod crushed some cups and was told to pick those up and put them in the recycling bin instead! LMF had to do it himself as Drochenrod apparently was unable to dismount their ship. Since they did not travel far and was almost done with the mission objectives, Drochenrod decided to modify the parameters a bit and challange MF to spell his name out via streets. F took up the challenge and started down the empty somerville wormhole to do some reconnaissance via droid for some streets in the area.

Lordmcfuzz quickly realized that finding a street that starts with a Z was going to be hard, let alone two streets that started with Z. Mcfuzz convinced Drochenrod that it would be acceptable to ride the entire street twice and have it count. Fuzz could only remember one street name that started with Z, and it was called Zimmerman way, and located in the CT Galaxy and that was way to far away for this local mission. After scouring the goggle maps for the entire section of wormhole from Maxwell's Space to Davis Constellation, LMF discovered no streets that started with a Z. MF decided to abandon the new objective and blame Drochenrod for not preparing before the mission and then being late. F navigated casually through Somerville and Cambridge in search of some place that had cookies and was open.

Lordmcfuzz discovered that JP Licks was open and offering hand packed pints for take out. Mcfuzz loves icecream and was not planning on sharing any with his maggot Drochenrod, since he had no stomach to process the molecules. Fuzz obatained some Salty Caramel Cookies 'N Cream ice cream to take back to his fort while Drochenrod stood outside to sentry over LMF's ship The Travler. The scoopers were very impressed with The Travler. Just after leaving with the cookies stuffed in the cup holder, Drochenrod reminded MF that he forgot the circle objective. So F went around the Giraffe 12 times, while belting out 'Ah Ah Ahh' after each successful orbit. The icecream was only dropped once, but no harm was done and much care was taken for the half light year home. ~11 Lys traveled in total, mission success.

After mission note: Fire stations publish street name maps on line where one could browse all the named streets in your city/town. Somerville and Cambridge both do not contain a street that starts with 'Z'

eXceSs' Report

45 L.Y.
This report brought to you by the letter S and the number 1. I've lost all sense of time and distance since Operation Space Time. I didn't have a good idea of what to do for these objective so I decided to read between the lines. People are always asking how to get to Sesame Street. Back when I was a tiny maggot we didn't have google maps, but we do now, so I asked where Sesame Street was, and it told me there were several to choose from. I found one that contained a black hole anomaly and plotted a course. It was unseasonably cold and my not quite imaginary enough maggot Gusty the windy ghost was blowing up a storm. I rode the first leg of my journey to the Woburn System and said I would decide there if I would push on towards my destination or give up due to the poor conditions. I decided that the conditions were in fact lovely and I would press on despite the protests of my Gusty maggot. I wandered through some lovely back roads in the Wilmington System with gentle curves, pleasant scenery, and not too many transports. As I approached my goal, my life support systems failed 2LY from my destination. I attempted to debug inflight to no avail but was forced to hold my breath until I was able to take shore leave on Sesame Street. I made a single loop around the black hole on Sesame Street to confirm the presence of this anomaly, and then had a snack with Cookie Monster. Next I set my sights on the landing pad. Fortunately I was able to restart the life support systems and my moment of despair turned Gusty the windy ghost to my side and I had a tail wind at my back the whole way home. Along the way there were more lovely scenery including a Wilmington Apple Monument, a basketball sized stone apple on a plinth. Having successfully made it to my target and with the wind at my back morale was high and the way home went by quickly. I still have no idea what time and distance are but that was far longer than it needed to be but I'm glad I went through with it.

Kongzilla's Report

This report brought to you by the letter I and the number 5. First I collected my new maggots, who insisted in coming as a pair. Their names are Mr. Crazypants and Pointybitz. I've attached a picture of them -- they didn't want to be photographed, so I drew them. They even brought their own ships. We flew from the spaceport and did five circles in the deserted street, then made our way to Irving St and around an unusual patch of deep space embedded in the city. From there we biked back to the spaceport.

pq sez

this mission brought to you by the number 4 and the letter E! Babymaggot perl accompanied me from the fort on a very special emergency mission to deliver space suits to protect futuresalad that was unprepared for Saturnday's frozen radiation. On Cedar St, pq and perl completed 4 circumnavigations to ask for count von count's blessing before momentarily dismounting. The coast was clear, so the cargo was deposited and off went Princess Fun Police. Several squashed ratsnax were in plain sight along Elm Street, though not everyone might find them appetizing. Upon docking at Ft S-town, the brave pilots noticed and removed spacetrash cluttering the landing pad, and deposited it in the nearest rat repository trash can. 2 ly.

Alternately, 4 is the number of circuits pq and princess have made together between Ft S-town and Ft Tyler this week.

Skunk Report

Luckily Skunk's new favorite number is the square root of negative one, which as we all know is imaginary. So he imagined going in circles infinitely. Flew down Old Winter Road, his favorite local street. His imaginary maggot was a no show, but he had fun anyway.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Diva Incineraider 28  
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 318  
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 64  
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 0  
WalTor Civilian Ship 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader eXceSs
Life Support Synthesis Skunk

Mission Parameters

Mission LeadereXceSs
Mission Size 5 pilots
OriginCan you tell me how to get?
DestinationHow to get to Sesame Street?
Light Years0.000
G-Well Activity0.000
Technical Rating0.000