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Despite the fact that the actual Olympics has been postponed, we did not let that prevent us from having our own first SoloSCULimpics. Events were chosen to be done in isolation. Only those who competed had the chance for glory. Each gold earned 50pts. Each silver earned 30pts. Each bronze earned 20pts

The events and results are as follows:


GOLD: eXceSs - XFD Chutes & Ladders and XFD RabbleRouser - 59 seconds. This was real dicey as it was done in his driveway. A neighbor even commented on it looking dicey and offered to ride one of the ships somewhere for him.

Frame toss

Toss a ship as far as possible. LordMcFuzz may have the record for the lightest frame used for this event
GOLD: lordmcfuzz - Vista Super Pacer ~5lbs, 1 attempt, 40ft 1/2in


Allow a ship to ride sans pilot as far as possible
GOLD: eXceSs - XFD RabbleRouser - 11ft Aided by the use of pegs, eXceSs took a nice leap off this ship and then it quickly wobbled over

PlasmaPop (aka Pump)

blow up a 20" inner tube as quickly as possible until it pops
GOLD: Diva--Pyramid 20" tube, 27secs (including removing tube from packaging, 22 sec of actual pumping).

Diva Pump competition from Diva Scul on Vimeo.


This event had us ride in 100 circles as fast as possible. Historically this event was used one year to replace Caddyack. It took a long time to complete and got boring to watch as people were shouting out numbers. But it was brought back for this year's events and indeed, this took a LONG time to finish.

SCUL100 from Diva Scul on Vimeo.

GOLD Diva-FPS ToxicWaste-7min 33.5sec--had to sit down afterwards as I felt a little dizzy.
SILVER Lordmcfuzz - PST The Traveler - 16 minutes At Harvard divinity school
BRONZER bendy and his smallest spawn - IBS Dirty Dino and kideroo escape pod - this took awhile, and he may not have finished. A 4 year old was keeping score and she definitely ran through the thirties twice.

Vapor trails (aka Skid)

Try to lay the longest patch
The committee questions LordMcFuzz use of dirt minus an actual patch. Also is concern about what appears to be tire tread imprints in the sand rather than a smooth skid trail. McFuzz says he got gold but was overruled by the SCULimpics committee who gave it to eXceSs.
SILVER *lordmcfuzz - PST The Traveler - 22ft 2inches
GOLD: eXceSs - XFD RabbleRouser - 21ft photo in sidebar ->
BRONZE Diva-FPS ToxicWaste-80in

Diva Skid from Diva Scul on Vimeo.


Make the food proud and pop a wheelie
GOLD: LordMcFuzz - PST The Traveler - 3 seconds (it was a really good one until I skipped in my drive train). While he had no video documentation to prove this feat, he did have a person applaud him so the SCULimpics committee allowed it.
SILVER: eXceSs- XFD RabbleRouser - 1 sec First attempt was a fail but second was a definite wheelie
BRONZE Diva-FPS ToxicWaste-0 sec (Diva, "I am hoping no one really competes, so I can still podium despite my fail")


This was a live event at closing ceremonies. Only Diva and Waltor procurred the necessary donuts. They went with day old stale Old Fashioned. These donuts were dry and this competetion took way longer to complete than the past record. It was looking like Waltor was going to take it as he had stuffed his mouth sooner than Diva. But 1 min and 45 ec in he swallowed a mouthful of hard cider molecules. This made his attempt a DQ.
GOLD Diva 2min 33 sec
DQ'd- Waltor
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bendy Dirty Dino 20  
Diva Toxic Waste 415   Petty Officer Third Class
eXceSs Rabble Rouser 180   Petty Officer Second Class
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 320   Petty Officer Second Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Diva

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderDiva
Mission Size 4 pilots
Light Years0.000
G-Well Activity0.000
Technical Rating0.000