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Pastry Queen and Lordmcfuzz Friday night Sortie

Pastry Queen and Lordmcfuzz meet up around 2030 Friday night to start their scul like mission wandering. They toured the Harvard, Davis, and Powder House Constellations before patrolling the wormholes along the Mystic and Medford rivers. Somewhere along the Medford river wormhole, a bit of surprise turbulence on a negi g-well gave them some trouble. Lordmcfuzz was able to shift down quickly and make it up the g-well but Pastry Queen did not have that ability and stalled out. She performed a professional fall by sticking one foot out, laying her ship lightly onto the ground and then rolling in the dirt. "I should have bailed earlier". Throughout the rest of the mission, the dirt that clung to PQ was discovered to be covering more of her body than originally thought. JP licks in Assembly Row Constellation did not have a large line around 2215, so gluten free ice cream was consumed. Lordmcfuzz discovered that his aft lazor ran out of zoobs so he only traveled up to the end of the wormhole towards Union Constellation before sending PQ back with her pocket bread. Lordmcfuzz took the wormhole back home. ~20 l.ys. flown busting classic punk

Lordmcfuzz Redlines Somerville Part 2 and Part 3

A day time sortie that only I showed up for. With no one to navigate for and no interest in a destination, I decided I would continue my Somerville Redline project with ride #2. Redlining Somerville means to ride every street in the City. I want to do every street on the Traveler while following local laws(going the right way on a one way except where signed). Forge bakery fueled the ride with a iced latte, a almond bun and a sticky bun. I discovered some streets that I did not know about and found a "No ball playing. Police take notice" which I doubt that the police really take notice. ~22 l.ys. flown busting podcasts

The next day I continued my challenge starting with a donut from PQ and a iced latte from Forge. It was a 5 hour long mission that focused on the hill side streets between somerville ave and summer street. So much negi-gwell action. 30 light years busting podcasts.

Bane Thunderwolf and Lordmcfuzz explore a playground

Bane and Fuzz met up in probably the most inconvenient mid point between their forts: Foss Park. From there they decided to experience the new bus bike lane on Broadway as they made their way to the Mystic River to enjoy A snack that Bane was carrying. After some of the snacks were consumed, it was decided to checkout a playground that the fleet might visit sometime in the future. Fuzz promptly dropped the rest of his snack mid flight and almost ran it over with his ship. Many Food were out late, likely celebrating their fathers. The playground was pretty awesome, a place that the rest of the gang would really enjoy.

DeadBride's Sortie


Dr Claw's Sortie

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Bieber Fever 25  
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 471   Chief Petty Officer
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 28  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Lordmcfuzz

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderLordmcfuzz
Mission Size 3 pilots
OriginRemote launchpad
DestinationNavigator's whims
Light Years0.000
G-Well Activity0.000
Technical Rating0.000