Status: Virtual


Liberry Jam

Fresh off the rousing success of a tour through the ancient citadels of arcane knowledge in the New Bedford starsystem, rogue starpilots of the Metro Alpha division decided to traverse the smaller shrines littering their own territory. As it happened, Threespeed possessed quite a few tomes of used-up knowledge that required outcrufting to the unenlightened. Thus, a shadow tour of little free liberrys was born. The objective of our mission was to jam these ancient yellowed texts into the little liberrys, to hopefully fill up cracks in the multiverse with cascades of obscure lore.

Navigator Dr. Claw had evidently borrowed his timekeeper from Wombat, thus rendezvoused with the rest of the fleet at coordinates north of the launch pad. Once assembled, we brought forth a cacophony of goth tunes and steered north towards the Arlington system. After noodling around locating various little liberrys (and needing to double back to locate some), we succeeded in jamming more than half our cargo into the cracks of the knowledge-hungry multiverse. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the liberrys of the Camberville starsystem were already quite jam-packed with untold riches of education. Threespeed did most of the heavy hauling in his cargo bays, including the fearsome book-beak of Dr. Moreau.

Finally, Dr. Claw led us over the hyperspace byway and onto the Esplanade wormhole, where we joyously found a near-empty liberry and thus outcrufted the remaining texts to the knowledge-starved citizens of the Boston system. From here, we wended through the wide boulevards and public alleys of this quiet metropolis, making a brief stop at a pizza dumpster before turning for home. Bonuses were earned for each tome successfully jammed into a liberry (with negative points awarded for anyone who dared onboard any new cruft - luckily no one was tempted).

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dead Bride Albatross 483   Aviator First Class
DrClaw Skywarp 611.331   Aviator First Class
NOVA Mad Rabbit 678.414   Aviator First Class
Threespeed Dr. Moreau 739.289   Petty Officer Third Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Dead Bride
Navigator DrClaw
Tailgunner Threespeed
Com-Sat 1 NOVA
Tool Bag Threespeed
Medi Bag DrClaw
Wookiee Bag DrClaw
Still Cam NOVA
Life Support 1 Dead Bride
Mission Reporter Dead Bride
Life Support Synthesis DrClaw

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderDead Bride
Mission Size 4 pilots
OriginTrolley Constellation
Light Years20.000
G-Well Activity1.782
Technical Rating1.201