Status: Success


The Whaley Fun Time

Mission Objectives

Find a whale!

Mission Summary

We had a host of new recruits in a galaxy far away. Mez was flying her Jolly Roger. Dr. Rectal had his one wheel and carried the combined tool/medi and sticker bag. Young Branddolf was helping out with still cam and Phenomenon signed up to tail gun. We were also joined by Squirrel and Panda. After making contact with a few Axilotl we were headed back to Ft 8:30 with disparities because no whales were in sight. As all hope was lost. Mez see a thin bike light, then Bowser spotted the blow hole, moving a bit faster then the speed of funk we had to make haste to catch up to the cosmic whale. As we approached Porphyrios splashed with glee. Seeing everything all a toaut o, we flew back to base and celebrated our aquatic mammalian reunion.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bowser Artemis 206.36   Petty Officer Second Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Bowser
Deck Officer Bowser
Gate Attendant Bowser
Navigator Bowser
Com-Sat 1 Bowser
Tool Bag Bowser
Flat Bag Bowser
Medi Bag Bowser
Ambassador Bowser
Still Cam Bowser
Airlock Bowser
Life Support 1 Bowser
Mission Pinner Bowser
Mission Debriefer Bowser
Mission Reporter Bowser
Stellar Cartographer Bowser
Cleaner Bowser

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderBowser
Mission Size 1 pilot
OriginBlack Rock City
DestinationCosmic Animalia Comunication
Light Years4.400
G-Well Activity0.780
Technical Rating3.700