Pilot Date2000.06.03
Total Light Years171.96

Angel likes riding small ships. She never
complains and attempted chopper century on her
third mission. Leather pants are good for riding
on hot summer night missions, it collects the
sweat and forces it back into you pores so you
rehydrate as you ride. Or at least that's the
theory. Last seen in the Galaxy RI with Pil_Gossimar.html>Gossimar.


Hosted ByDiva
Pilot Date2000.06.03

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2001.01.01 MAD Bunker Chill Famine
2000.10.29 MAD Hallowheels 20 Famine
2000.10.01 MAD Close-Up And Personal Famine
2000.09.06 MAD Logan Express Famine
2000.08.06 MAD Mindy Milky Famine
2000.07.15 MAD Slummerville Famine
2000.06.26 MAD Pain 3 Famine
2000.06.10 MAD DBD BBQ Pestilence
2000.06.04 MAD Siege The Castle Pride