Enlistment Date2022.11.12
Total Light Years15.33

The 'Pickles" part of my name was originally started by my favorite person on the planet my gramma!!!!! She said the reason she started calling me "Pickles" was because i would constantly make a face like I just ate a sour pickle.
The sporty part was added by me because my whole life sports have been my outlet! The love of sports have helped me form numerous friendships, some 40+ years long!! So Sportypickles is a combination of two of the things I love most, my gramma and my friends!!!!


Tool Bag1
Medi Bag1


Hosted ByCivitron
Enlistment Date2022.11.12

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2022.11.20 SCD Cranksgiving NB IV Goro
2022.11.12 SCD TURBOHONEY DAY Civilian Ship