Status: Posi

LAB Fish Bike

This Ship was created by Piscine aliens to quietly reconnoitre and single-finnedly capture a strategic body of water on the North American Continent of Planet Earth. However, due to bureaucratic glitches, the launch of the craft was several thousand years late. By the time the ship arrived the lake had already dried up and the residual playa was crawling with Burners, an odd race of colorful hominids. The Ship and its crew were absorbed into the motley Black Rock fleet as a nighttime navigational aid to Burners of altered consciousness. The ship was then kidnapped by SCUL and brought back to the Somerville system in order that the secrets of its alien technology be revealed and exploited. It is allowed by a humane SCUL to fulfill its migratory imperative and return yearly to the Black Rock System.
Features: The impervious hull is clad with a light Fish-scale armour that appears like Earth aluminum plastering lath to the untrained eye. Symbiotic bioluminescent annelids reminiscent of electroluminescent wire augment the sensory capacity of a sophisticated lateral line


Light Years87.755
Thrust Rating6.952
Handling Rating4.37
Difficulty Rating5.019
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeGlacier Point MTB
Chief EngineerDozer
Christened on2006.10.21
Navi Retro
Primary Retro


2008.05.02   S.O.S. Reconnaissance Ride Dozer
2007.10.27   Omegamission Dozer
2007.09.29   Walking the Party Line Dozer
2007.09.22   Back in the Saddle Again Dozer
2007.04.07   ALPHA 007 Dozer
2006.10.21   Whistle While You Twerk Dozer