Status: Away

AIL Papa Smurf

A frame that was a pretty blue and a modified red cockpit tube. The cockpit rotated as a feature so the pilot could really lean into the turns.

It was a really nice low rider and lordmcfuzz loved it very much, but lordmcfuzz did not have enough love for it to walk for three metric light years back to base after it suffered a critical plasma leak in the primary thruster in it's second mission. Lordmcfuzz abandoned it in the nearest ditch to retrieve it the next morning and space ran with the fleet back to base.

Recovery team reported the ship missing the next morning. Ship now classified as Lost In Space. Gargamel is the primary suspect in the investigation.


Light Years9.978
Thrust Rating3.143
Handling Rating3.896
Difficulty Rating6.248
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeStep through
Chief EngineerLordmcfuzz
WelderPastry Queen
OriginBurning man
Christened on2017.06.13
Navi RetroCoaster
Primary Retro


2017.06.15   Lithuaniamania and Gargamel's Revenge Lordmcfuzz