Status: Posi

UGH Juul Theef

Meownderthal says:

First build was back in December of 2021, where I flew it during heavy radiation. Back then the nav thruster was a massive 27.5"+ inner plasma casing-less deep space vessel type, which sadly didnt aid much in flight lol. thruster on standby for a future build! Primary was the same current 29", but with mad knobz. Point is, back then, she was built for deep space travel, but never got there.

Come the following warmer days, nav thruster got swapped for a 20", i sprayed on a new paintjob, and attached a cargo hold to the bow, and put a LaRS tire on the primary thruster. Juul Theef is highly maneuverable in this config, and hella comfy.

Most recently, Juul Theef carried me on my first SCUL mission ever as a cadet in training. For that mission I swapped the wide flat helm I built it with for a BMX-style, giving some height and getting more good steel on there. Also got hydraulic retros on the primary thruster, which definitely have some kick lol. Vapor trails likely. Removed the cargo hold because it was broken lel.

Now Juul Theef got da 24" nav thruster, comprised almost entirely of false metal, as its a metal mag, but boi is it SHINYYY. hope it doesnt catastrophically fail. weeeeeee. just kittennnnn. did add tons more cargo capabilities to bow as well. Juul Theef will never stay the same. None of my ships do.


Light Years24.041
Thrust Rating3.445
Handling Rating8.376
Difficulty Rating3.765
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeMongoose Raider deep space vessel
Chief EngineerMeownderthal
Christened on2022.10.15
Navi RetroNone
Primary RetroDisc


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