Status: Success


Anarchy Day

Mission Objectives

drop rank and protocol
no points
just ride and see how we do

Mission Summary

stuff happened. we rode and rode and rode, and almost lost stuff, but
the super posi Christian Science security folks are great. They even
raced with us the first time through on their super silent electric
security vehicle of doom. chaos ensued. anarchy derby!
nosepicker took us up the back side. This mission was so much fun
it's not even worth sharing what happened. However, it is noteworthy
that this was the one mission in a long time where RockStar didn't
whine. Super posi!

We also christened the "lets go right right now!!" trike ship "Angry
Candy, and piloted by Slash and Burn and Beezwax, they saw us off
through the Davis Constellation... and they made it back... probably
because Gropo wasn't piloting.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
eHawk SIH 145.6  
Exon Anger 123.2   Petty Officer First Class
Hapto Basquiat 160  
Kaibosch Lust 93.12  
MegaSeth Night Fever 292.48   Commander
Nosepicker Delirium 188.384  
RockStar Holy Molar 234.096   Petty Officer First Class
Rubbish Scrotesque 157.184   Ensign
Twitch Slag 176.192   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Veal Pale Horse 253.76   Petty Officer Third Class
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Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 10 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Light Years16.000
G-Well Activity0.000
Technical Rating0.000