Status: Posi

USB Lust

When WalTor first saw USB Lust, he said "I WANT THAT BIKE!" It seems that every one of the seven deadly choppers of SCUL have lived up to their name. USB Lust excels at Dogfight derby and breaking hearts.

Probably the most notable feature of this ship is the truss that keeps the super-slack and extra long seat post from folding over. Not many pilots know that there's also a length of rebar hammered into the post to add more structural integrity and some mass as well.


Light Years2032.887
Thrust Rating6.49
Handling Rating5.66
Difficulty Rating2.91
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Type
Chief EngineerSkunk
OriginSaint Valentine
Christened on1998.06.11
LocationFort Tyler
Navi Retro
Primary RetroCoaster


2024.04.06   Alpha-Mission D1S29 Tango
2023.08.19   Local Patrol YoMomma
2019.04.27   Pullin' G's DreadFlint
2018.08.18   Chalk-Full-O'Funk TUFF N TINY
2017.10.28   Hallowheels 2017 Everest
2017.10.21   Day-Cordova Everest
2017.08.19   Unbirthday: A Mad Tea Party Everest
2017.07.08   Matter States Everest
2017.07.01   SCUL Day Observed Everest
2017.06.24   Army of Robots Everest
2017.06.10   Cave-In Everest
2017.05.27   Augment My Chopper Everest
2017.04.29   We're Smart, We'll Figure It Out Everest
2017.04.08   Z Axis Everest
2016.11.05   Life Day 2016 Squeeze Box
2016.10.29   Hallowheel sooogoood Everest
2016.08.27   Slingshot Nebulae Everest
2016.08.14   Dawn Patrol Everest
2016.08.06   A View To A Thrill Everest
2016.07.30   Lowell Folk Funkival Everest
2016.07.16   Salem's Lot Everest
2016.07.02   There Will Be Fireworks Everest
2016.06.25   Lickety Splat Everest
2016.06.18   Luna Libros IV: Satellites of Love Everest
2016.06.04   Twentieth Anniversary Fox Everest
2016.05.14   Do The Worm Sidekick
2016.04.30   Divine Comedy Bendy
2016.04.16   The Friendly Skies Cortana
2015.11.07   Omegamission 2015 Everest
2015.06.06   Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 Dixit
2014.10.12   Chonk! Dead Bride
2014.08.02   Leave It To Chance Nosepicker
2014.05.15   Smiling in Salem Dead Bride
2014.05.03   Safety Dance BadCat
2014.04.05   Alphonsemission '14 Treekiller
2013.11.02   Omegamission 2013 Dead Bride
2013.10.05   Skunk Day 2013: Electric Boogaloo II Treekiller
2013.08.03   Dollar A Pound Treekiller
2012.09.01   Night of the Living U-Hauls Sprocket
2012.07.21   Orange You Glad It's Pecan Day? Treekiller
2012.05.26   I Don't Want To Grow Up Frenchy
2012.05.05   Super Mooning Wednesday
2012.04.14   Saturn in Opposition Treekiller
2011.10.29   I'm Dreaming of a White Hallowheels ZyGoat
2011.10.22   Bells Angels parmesan
2011.10.01   Medley Mission Treekiller
2011.09.03   Movie Night and Bicycle Alchemy Bendy
2011.07.23   Gong Swimmin' Wombat
2011.06.25   Turn It Up Seven Of Nine
2011.05.14   Cold Fusion Reactor Bendy
2011.05.07   Donatello Anybody Van Der Goes To Make A Messina Treekiller
2010.08.28   Hammer and Tongs Vesper
2010.06.26   T.R.O.N. Treekiller
2010.04.10   Blue Angels in a Ho-down Bendy
2009.10.24   Pruny Hands on Film FBI
2009.08.22   Nitrogen Poop Monkey Boom Boom
2009.08.15   Insidious Perfection Gonzo
2009.08.01   Defend The Kingdom! (Hapto Day 09) yt
2009.07.04   Playground Boom Boom
2009.06.06   You (Yeah You) Shook Me All Night Long peacefrog
2008.08.16   Friendly Fire Socket
2008.06.07   SCUL Day 2008 Appleseed
2007.10.13   This Little Piggie Cried OW!!! H Bomb
2007.07.01   Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! GRIMLOCKE
2007.06.23   Fresh (Pond) Air GRIMLOCKE
2007.06.11   Anarchy Day Kaibosch
2007.05.26   Rotwang Day GRIMLOCKE
2007.05.12   Bring Your Own Fun GRIMLOCKE
2006.07.29   Subconscious Party Bitzer
2006.07.22   Midnight Leopard Death Squad 2006 Bitzer
2005.10.15   Radiation Scattering Rubbish
2005.07.23   Megaseth Day Blipblipbeep
2005.07.16   Post SCULimpics Rotwang
2005.07.02   WalTor Day (2005) RockStar
2005.06.25   LowKey Eureka
2005.06.18   DiscoInferno (VomitDay 2005) Sweetums
2005.06.04   SCUL Day 2005 Fabulous Eccentric
2005.05.21   No Plan Rotwang
2005.04.02   Aplamission 05 Chamelion
2004.10.30   Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) Captain Underpants
2004.10.23   Recurse The 'Verse Hapto
2004.09.04   Century Intercept Bitzer
2004.07.10   Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) Disestablishmentarianism
2004.06.12   Studio 53 Zappa
2004.06.05   SCUL Day 2004 (Abandon All Clothes) Bird
2004.04.03   Alphamission 04 Rahji
2003.10.11   Pump Up The Volume ktron
2003.09.20   Arbor Mayhem Dr HeadCrash
2003.09.06   Breaking Headlines Shakes
2003.07.12   Happy Fun Times Bike Club Maddog
2003.05.17   Crack Day 2003 Chartreuse
2003.05.03   Back In The Saddle Flipper
2003.04.12   SloMoBetaMission Trackstar
2002.10.05   Skunk Day Observed Mr Banana
2002.09.28   SCULimpics 2002 Jo Mama
2002.08.03   Full Moon-ing Firecracker
2002.06.22   Super Lame-o Bailout Maddog
2002.04.13   5000 Mile Mark RockStar
2002.04.06   Alphamission 02 Badger
2001.06.09   Moon Over Aborertum Maddog
2001.06.02   Mmmm... Ice Cream RockStar
2001.05.26   The Naughty MIT Policeman Taught Us A New Word Maddog
2001.04.28   Get Lost Speed Metal
2001.04.07   Aplhamission 21 RockStar
2000.10.14   Moon Over Arboretum Maddog
2000.10.01   Close-Up And Personal Dead By Dawn
2000.09.09   Heavy Spacewalking Populations MegaTron
2000.09.03   Heavy Spacewalking Populations MegaTron
2000.09.02   Constellation Hop Maddog
2000.08.19   Two Hundred Scale Miles Per Hour SWDM
2000.08.12   It Was Working When We Left Shady
2000.08.06   Mindy Milky MegaTron
2000.06.04   Siege The Castle vomit
2000.05.20   19 Pilots Tex
1999.12.31   Y2K Buggin Trouble
1999.11.02   Alpah-Hallowheels: Episode 1999 Dead By Dawn
1999.10.24   Drunken Colony Attack Dead By Dawn
1999.10.17   Drunken Colony Attack Dead By Dawn
1999.10.10   Fresh Fodder For The Derbies Dead By Dawn
1999.10.02   Phat Red Line Dead By Dawn
1999.09.12   Merchant Mission Flasher
1999.09.11   Quadraflat Crack
1999.08.22   AquariAss Mucus
1999.08.18   Altercation Crack
1999.08.08   Severed Baby Head Dead By Dawn
1999.07.03   Bum Support Fuel Injector
1999.06.27   Hot Chrome And Blood Chef
1999.06.27   Merchant Marine Flasher
1999.06.13   Alpha Sculimpics: Episode 1999 NoWay
1998.07.19   MIT Flea Market WalTor
1998.07.18   On With The Show WalTor
1998.07.18   On With The Show Nails
1998.06.12   Fresh Squeeze Skunk