Status: Success


Insidious Perfection

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Boom Boom Anger 239.928   Chief Petty Officer
Buckminister Lazarus 383.483  
DeCaf Hippogriff 147.148   Aviator First Class
Gonzo Lust 0  
hackworth Pestilence 437.143  
Leotard Chastity 907.571  
moose Loki Ducker 328.796   Master Chief Petty Officer
MsMoon Star Hustler (Bombardier) 291.472   Petty Officer First Class
Quandary Delirium 368.129  
Threespeed Star Hustler 560.555   Commander
yt Doctor Love 915.365   Commodore
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Leotard
Deck Officer Leotard
Navigator yt
Tailgunner MsMoon
Tool Bag hackworth
Flat Bag Threespeed
Medi Bag yt
Ambassador Gonzo
Chalk Bag yt
Airlock Leotard
Life Support 1 Buckminister
Damage Control Boom Boom
Mission Reporter Boom Boom
Filmer hackworth
Skynet Operator Pre Leotard
Stillcam Downloader hackworth

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderLeotard
Mission Size 11 pilots
OriginFort Bartlett
DestinationFrog Pond
Light Years17.368
G-Well Activity0.880
Technical Rating1.492