Status: Failure



Heavy radiation plagued our efforts to embark within the launch window, and the mission was nearly scrubbed. However MRI, CT and Mongo seemed to show no signs of radiation poisoning after heavy doses. We raced around in the flooding streets, spraying big rooster tails and wakes. After the rain let up a bit we departed.


Due to a quicker speed and slick roads, USB Abandon All Hope's navigational thruster collided with CDV ToBeNamed's primary thruster causing Fleet Admiral Skunk to lose attitude control control of the vessel. The familiar sound of ship and flesh scraping on pavement permeated over the din of RadioBag. Commodore Nails could not hart USB Envy in time, and collided with Abandon All Hope and Skunk. RadioBag stopped for a moment, long enough for a quiet 'ouch' to be spoken audibly, then resumed it's audio warfare. A quick damage report showed nothing more than a bit of road rash and a scuff on some new handlebars. Fleet Admiral Skunk suffered only minor injuries, so we resumed course.

A while later we encountered Hells Bells, a bike gang of BMX's. Considered unofficial allies, we greeted them briefly.

We reached our destination minuets before midnight, the civilians were particularly friendly to our presence, some of them were SCUL members that hadn't ridden with us in years. M.I.A.'s boyfriend had a piece there, it was cool, but then again all of it was. We quickly toured the gallery, and played some more in the rain. We allowed the civilian population to test fly our ships while our wounds were field dressed before setting course and blasting off for base.

Not long into the flight USB Trez Bonz broke the coaster arm strap securing the retros on the rear thruster, and we were forced to stop and make repairs. Three civilians under the influence of alcohol approached us during this vulnerable moment, and we were defensive from the start. We told them to leave several times, they would not comply. Soon the conversation erupted into a shoving match into the street. Police ware within thirty feet of the incident and quickly dropped what they were doing to stop the fight. IDs were taken and then they let us all go. The three civilians returned for more friendly conversation, but by then the repairs had been made and we were on our way.

CT got a shiner from the scuffle

Trez Bonz was not quite fixed, her rear thruster wobbling from improperly set cones. The drunks found this a perfect opportunity to return, asking us what happened. We again told them to leave. After another minute of arguing they managed to stumble into a cab and shouted their boldest obscenities as they drove away. Trez bonz was as repaired as best it could and we resumed course for base.

We encountered Hells Bells again, they were returning from the Watertown System, which is unusual, for other than Fort Francis there is little to offer the pilot.

Nerves were a bit rattled so CT decided to help us out by strpping naked while riding stoker on the bomber SCB Nighthawk, lightening everyone's spirits. Not an easy task, removing your space pants while siting in the cockpit of a moving vessel, especially when Mongo was doing everything he could as captain to make it a challenge. Despite the challenge, he managed to "pull it off". We returned to base without further altercation or incident.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Crack Lust 99.972   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
CT Nighthawk (Bombardier) 201.276   Petty Officer Third Class
Dead By Dawn Ez Raider 91.0101   Ensign
Flasher Trez Bonz 248.477   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Mongo Nighthawk 105.282   Aviator First Class
MRI Sky King 272.901   Petty Officer Third Class
Nails Envy 156.296   Commander
Skunk Abandon All Hope 552.519   Admiral, Fleet Ready
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Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 8 pilots
OriginFort Francis
DestinationRevolving Museum
Light Years13.450
G-Well Activity1.232
Technical Rating4.002