Pilot Date0000.00.00
Total Light Years15.80
Current Experience381.09

Very bubbly, loves jokes, will when opportunity allows place many hidden googly eyes. I have always biked, its my main transportation, love to bike, play games (favorite is Hollow Knight), avid podcast listener, (Favorite is The Magnus Archives), and loves to draw.


Tool Bag1
Medi Bag1
Chalk Bag3
Life Support 21
Life Support 31
Life Support 41
Mission Pinner3


Hosted ByCivitron
Enlistment Date2023.11.04
Knighted BySCUL
Pilot Date0000.00.00

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2024.05.04 SCD Yub-Nub Rodeo Clown
2024.04.27 SCD Gummi Bear Picnic Rodeo Clown
2024.04.13 SCD Starchasers Alphamission 2024 Rodeo Clown
2023.11.04 SCD Life Day/Omegamission Potluck Civilian Ship