Status: Success


Roast A Long

Mission Objectives

1. Obtain fuel and provisions for travel
2. Bring your best singing voice (even if its the worst. its better that way)
3. Roast at least one marshmallow, or sacrifice it to the all loving bike god

Mission Summary

Tonight's mission is one of comfort. There is an earthy tradition where you sit around a blazing fire, roasting goodies, and singing songs. This is the premise of the mission. First we must grab Previsions in the form of roastable goodies, sticks for roasting, and any other fuel one would need. After a short ride around the star system, and grabbing provisions, we will make our way over to the home planet of a fellow pilot who will be providing us with a fire pit.

Mission status...: SUCCESS!!

For the newly knighted pilot the start had some turbulence. Drowned with stuff to do Pilot Poofinson missed a few key details... With a slightly late start time, and a less than perfect briefing the start was not strong. Due to a frazzled mission leader the ships air locks were a bit bust and the music was lacking, the breath from our lungs taken... Thankfully Pilot Nebula patched up some holes with their wonderful voice, and we survived reaching our destination!! Reaching our destination all pilots exited their ships and made their heading to their desired spot. the fire warm, vibes even warmer caused fun for the whole evening. Marshmallows were toasted, marshmallows were sacrificed to the space gods, and best of all marshmallows were consumes! Soon after some had their fill of marshmallows and veggie dogs was the time for stories and sharing; many participated, fun stories were shared. Then we commenced Moonbeams Knighting ceremony! A Knight to remember. The festivities drew to a close and the pilots returned home.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bowser Artemis 74  
Moonbeam Goro 35.94  
Poofinson Rodeo Clown 27.417  
TurboHoney Merica 45  
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Taskforce Pilot
Tailgunner Poofinson
Medi Bag Moonbeam
Airlock TurboHoney

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 4 pilots
OriginFort Union
DestinationFellow pilots fire pit
Light Years1.500
G-Well Activity3.000
Technical Rating0.000