Status: Posi

FTL Lucifer

Lucifer, the bringer of light, shines brightest of all the stars of
Secret Sector. All bask in her radiant glory. All shall kneel before


Light Years594.622
Thrust Rating8
Handling Rating2
Difficulty Rating4
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeSteel
Chief EngineerSeven Of Nine
Christened on2012.10.06
LocationFort Jonathan
Navi RetroSide-pull Caliper
Primary Retro


2024.05.18   Spring Roll Ace
2023.09.30   Starchaser Day XI Cosima
2018.10.20   Cosmic Creeps (SCD Hallowheels) Shadowman
2018.09.15   SCULimpics 2018: Star City Games DrClaw
2017.09.09   Glorious Sandchasers present Monbies & Dandies Civitron
2017.06.17   Luna Librish Sage
2016.08.27   On The Edge Shadowman
2016.08.18   Art of the Impossible Shadowman
2015.08.15   Cosmic Safari Sage
2015.07.25   Styles Man-Dish Space Camp Squeegee
2015.05.23   Nasty Jazz Falcon Millenium
2015.05.16   Luna Libros III: Holocron Heist Sage
2015.04.25   Infinity Gauntlet Sage
2015.04.11   Alpha lapha ding-dong '15 Sage
2014.09.27   Chasing Down the Day Star: Parts 1 & 2 Baggadonuts
2014.09.20   Hullraiser, Century 2014 Civitron
2014.05.17   Luna Libros II: Codex Schmodex Baggadonuts
2014.05.03   Seal the Rift Beatleman
2014.04.12   Starchaser Alphamission '14 Baggadonuts
2013.10.26   A Very Starchasers Hallowheels Civitron
2013.10.05   Konami Code Beatleman
2013.09.28   Starchaser Day 2013 Beatleman
2013.07.23   Making Friends Sage
2013.06.23   League of Just Us Sage
2013.06.01   Almost Legal (SCUL Day 2013) Sage
2013.05.18   Luna Libros Sage
2013.05.04   Bring Home the Tesseract Sage
2013.04.27   Blame Somebody Else Sage
2013.04.20   Tomorrow is Yesterday is Today Sage
2013.04.13   Prometheus Rising (Starchasers Alphamission) Sage
2012.10.13   Divide and Conquer Sage
2012.10.06   Ice Knuckled Skunk Hunt Sage