Status: Success


Starchaser Day 2013

The First Annual Starchaser Day was totally rad. Eight pilots, including a monstrously fluffy space-suited Ashera, launched from Fort Jonathan and set a course for adventure on the brink of the Celestial Sea! The civilians were out in full force, this Saturnight. Passing transports blasted their sonic disruptors and shouted celebratory cheers from their portholes. Even on our way to the launchpad, our crew was moved to erupt in a joyful chorus of "USA, USA, USA..." Our spirits remained high as we cruised through the constellations of the Secret Sector's Alpha Quadrant. The cheers kept coming as the fleet flew low over herds of energetic carbon-based lifeforms, standing around Luna No Problemo. Emboldened by the power of their field dampeners, several of the aliens offered their limbs for hi-fives, stickers and even hugs. We were all quite surprised when Civitron hi-fived a rather enthusiastic ST, who happily accepted our sticker and wished us well.

Suddenly, Cobb's ship began to experience turbulence and we had to stop to make repairs. The already well experienced and learned recruits Baggadonuts and Speedbump were eager to show their value by taking to the repair detail like maggots on... things that maggots tend to take to. Upon inspection, they discovered a slow plasma leak and the primary thruster out of phase. Meanwhile, the other pilots deployed and we proceeded to bust the funk. After sealing the cracked plasma tube and attempting to realign the thruster, it was determined that the job was just too big for a field repair. Cobb and Talbot burned up but space walking between quadrants can be a dangerous practice. So, Speedbump offered transport services from his space station, nearby. Despite our dwindling numbers, we continued along our course to the Celestial Sea. We utilized the newly starship friendly Space Tube 18 as a conduit to the Beta Quadrant.

As we approached our destination, we marveled at the mysterious beauty of the floating ruins bathed in starlight. What ancient race of beings carved these tunnels out of stone and erected such massive structures? To what purpose?

Finally, we arrived to the brink of the Celestial Sea. The four of us stared into the miraculous void. Baggadonuts utilized his droid to scan the surrounding star systems and identify the distant constellations. The Starchasers were truly chasing the stars. We were afraid that the "tesseract curse" of 20130504.s was working it nasty jazz on our mission when Speedbump suddenly emerged from the shadows. Together, the five of us cheered, danced, and spread our message of hope and love across this glorious system. As we move into our second year, we keep our thrusters on full and our eyes to the stars. Hail to the Groove. Hail to the Starchasers!

It has been one Earth-year since Grand Admiral Skunk and the crew of the Metro Alpha Division made the trek to the distant stars of the Secret Sector to christen Fort Jonathan and officiate the launch of SCUL's 4th Fleet, "The Starchasers". Since that first mission, we have built a mighty fleet of dazzling starships, explored strange new worlds, and forged sturdy alliances with all manner of bizarre alien life forms. As word of our chromasonic grooviness spreads throughout the local constellations, the ranks of our funky battalion continue to grow. Fort Jonathan has become the central headquarters for rebel activity in the peaceful battle to maintain the intergalactic funkapositude of the no longer "secret" New Bedford System. What does the future hold for our heroes? Only time and the Cosmic Leviathan know for sure.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Asherah Hook 0  
Baggadonuts Merica 0   Pilot
Beatleman Lucifer 993.856   Commodore
Civitron Artemis 826.676  
Cobb Civilian Ship 198.464   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Speedbump Civilian Ship 0   Pilot
talbot Civilian Ship 303.284   Lieutenant Commander
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Civitron
Deck Officer Cobb
Gate Attendant talbot
MRC Officer Beatleman
Navigator Civitron
Tailgunner talbot
Com-Sat 1 Speedbump
Tool Bag Beatleman
Flat Bag Speedbump
Medi Bag Asherah
Ambassador Civitron
Chalk Bag Cobb
Still Cam Civitron
Airlock Civitron
Recycler Baggadonuts
Life Support 1 Beatleman
Mission Reporter Civitron
Beer Wrangler Baggadonuts
Food Wrangler Beatleman

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderCivitron
Mission Size 7 pilots
OriginFort Jonathan
Light Years12.482
G-Well Activity1.500
Technical Rating2.000