Status: Posi

ARC Hook

Formerly the navigational cockpit of the carrier class ship
Hook&Splatter, this ship was unearthed from Samurai's basement and
given a new, independent, and hopefully more space-worthy life by
SevenOfNine. Will Hook ever be rejoined with her lost Splatter? Will
SCUL's armada ever see a carrier class ship again? Stay tuned for the
ongoing drama of, "Hook, Love Lost and Found Again"...


Light Years606.082
Thrust Rating5
Handling Rating5
Difficulty Rating5
Max Warp0

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeCurvy
Chief EngineerTorqueBox
Christened on2011.06.11
LocationFort Jonathan
Navi RetroCoaster
Primary RetroCoaster


2024.08.10   Joy Ride TurboHoney
2024.04.13   Starchasers Alphamission 2024 TurboHoney
2023.10.28   Hallowheels: Big Twinkie TurboHoney
2023.09.30   Starchaser Day XI Beatleman
2023.09.09   Shmedal Schmelt TurboHoney
2023.07.22   Crab Rangoon TurboHoney
2023.07.15   Bubbles & Bass TurboHoney
2023.07.08   Pedal Melt: the Ice Cream Fantastic Spin Star
2023.05.26   Groove to Groovalottos TurboHoney
2021.04.03   Hummingbird TurboHoney
2020.12.19   Starchasers Tour de Tacky TurboHoney
2020.11.14   Cranksgiving TurboHoney
2020.10.17   Hallowheels: Ring the Bells TurboHoney
2020.10.01   Konami Code (#NBPUBPEDAL) TurboHoney
2020.07.25   Luna Libros VII: Flight of the Space Librarians TurboHoney
2020.07.09   Chromasonic Funkticolor: Bicycle Rally for Blac... TurboHoney
2019.12.21   Starchasers Tour de Tacky/Life Day TurboHoney
2019.10.19   Hallowheels: Neon Blood SheRa
2019.10.05   Luna Libros VI: Technicolour Treasure Hunt TurboHoney
2019.09.28   Starchasers SCULimpics 2019 TurboHoney
2019.06.17   Righteous Hope TurboHoney
2019.04.27   Alpha Beta Mission TurboHoney
2018.09.29   Blue Skidoo TurboHoney
2018.09.15   SCULimpics 2018: Star City Games TurboHoney
2018.08.25   Ice Cream Cake TurboHoney
2018.07.07   This Is How We Win TurboHoney
2018.05.26   SCD SCUL Day 22 TurboHoney
2017.06.17   Luna Librish Scrambler
2016.07.23   Nth Degree Truth Seeker
2016.07.16   Starhorse! Beetle Juice
2016.07.10   The Irradiated Wizard of Ros Truth Seeker
2016.07.10   The Irradiated Wizard of Ros Truth Seeker
2016.06.18   Luna Libros IV: Satellites of Love Sprocket
2016.04.16   Alphachaser 5 Civitron
2014.09.27   Chasing Down the Day Star: Parts 1 & 2 DreadFlint
2014.08.30   Cahdbawd Sawds Seven Of Nine
2014.08.14   Soggy Paradox Asherah
2014.05.31   Desolation of Chalkulust! Asherah
2014.05.17   Luna Libros II: Codex Schmodex Asherah
2014.04.19   Attack of the Carbon Barnacles! Beatleman
2014.04.12   Starchaser Alphamission '14 Asherah
2013.10.26   A Very Starchasers Hallowheels Honalee
2013.10.05   Konami Code Baggadonuts
2013.09.28   Starchaser Day 2013 Asherah
2013.07.20   Lone Wolf Civitron
2013.06.01   Almost Legal (SCUL Day 2013) China
2013.05.04   Bring Home the Tesseract China
2013.04.20   Tomorrow is Yesterday is Today Asherah
2013.04.13   Prometheus Rising (Starchasers Alphamission) China
2011.10.02   HONK! Parade Seven Of Nine
2011.10.01   Medley Mission Spark
2011.09.03   Movie Night and Bicycle Alchemy Wombat
2011.06.18   Skywriter Seven Of Nine
2011.06.11   Ships at Sea Seven Of Nine