Status: Success


Crab Rangoon

Mission Objectives

  • Investigate previously unknown resource procurement site (Chinese restaurant).
  • comparison data at three additional, known resource procurement sites.
  • target provisions in gross quantities, for science

Mission Summary

Turbo Honey managed to wrangle five pilots and (ultimately) three cadets for a mission into the unexplored reaches of the New Bedford galaxy. At the launch pad, Nebula and the Starchasers ceremoniously christened Nu. No sooner had mission leader Turbo Honey hollered "Navi away!" than Hook suffered a mechanical failure that threatened to delay the mission (for like, 10 minutes but still). Thankfully, Admiral Civitron swiftly assisted and Hook was soon ready to fly again. The mission was further delayed when Hook suffered a mechanical failure for the second time just two light years from the launch pad. Thankfully Bowser was ready with tool bag and able to provide critical support that got the mission back on track, in spite of lost time. The Starchasers approached their destination as darkness fell over them. Turbo Honey and cadet Smae were chosen as the liaisons to negotiate with the local civilians and after a brief albeit strange parlay, an exchange was made. Primary Objective 1 was met with great success and much rejoicing.

As the Starchasers saddled up for Objective 2, Nebula received a late transmission from cadets Enola and Ra who were flying through the galaxy in search of the company. Upon arrival at the second resource procurement site, the Starchasers were greeted by many, friendlier (albeit strange) civilians highly decorated in flora and fauna. These awestruck civilians bestowed many compliments on the Starchasers while Bowser and Mad Owl secured evidence of the successful cultural exchange. Meanwhile, Ra and Enola were able to locate the rest of the company and join the mission just as the Starchasers began the longest stretch of the mission.

The Starchasers took shore leave at the Garden of Allen Haskell just over the summit of Mount Pleasant. Pilots and cadets rejuvenated their spirits in the dark, ancient gardens among flowers and trees exotic and strange. Regrettably, the serenity of the garden was not enough to keep one pilot from burning up and the Starchasers bid farewell to Nebula before resuming the mission.

Just when the Starchasers thought mission success was imminent, tragedy struck. During their descent from Mount Pleasant, Smae lost control of Murica and crash landed. The crash distracted Turbo Honey who also took damage. Fortunately it was all blood, no bone, and after a short rest our brave cadet was determined to complete the mission. The company approached resource procurement site 3 just before the civilians vacated the premisis and for their punctuality (and bravery) were rewarded with delicious fried creaminess of (very) late night crab rangoons.

With no further mechanical failures or injuries, the Starchasers made it back to the launch pad in just under 15 light years, bellies full and hearts happy.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bowser Artemis 702.75   Petty Officer Third Class
Civitron Starfire 577   Lieutenant Commander
Mad Owl My F.E.N.Y.S. 592   Petty Officer Second Class
Nebula Nu the Navigator 70.5   Aviator
Smae Merica 0  
TurboHoney Hook 1375   Chief Petty Officer
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader TurboHoney
Deck Officer TurboHoney
Gate Attendant Mad Owl
Navigator TurboHoney
Tailgunner Bowser
Com-Sat 1 Mad Owl
Tool Bag Bowser
Flat Bag Civitron
Medi Bag Civitron
Ambassador Smae
Chalk Bag Mad Owl
Airlock TurboHoney
Life Support 1 Civitron
Life Support 2 Mad Owl
Life Support 3 Smae
Mission Pinner Mad Owl
Mission Debriefer Civitron
Mission Reporter TurboHoney
Stellar Cartographer Smae
Wingmate 01 Civitron

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderTurboHoney
Mission Size 6 pilots
OriginFort Union
DestinationCrab Rangoon Heaven
Light Years14.750
G-Well Activity4.000
Technical Rating3.000