Status: Posi

MA My F.E.N.Y.S.

(FiRG RULEZ Etoile de mer teNgericsillag Y Suce ma graine)

The starfish* rides thanks to the patience of
Nosepicker and the stubbornness of Met0ik0s.

Both welded on it. This was a team effort so
one is listed as one job, and one as the other.


*(check Google Translate if you are confused)
Difficulty ratings are copied from Mjollnir.

110112 presently metamorphosing to a slightly different formation


Light Years381.969
Thrust Rating4.25
Handling Rating3
Difficulty Rating7.5
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Typefour little kid bikes
Chief Engineer
Originfort brouhaha junkpile a la grace de nosepicker, orig wheels temp lent from Stormrider and GI Jane
Christened on2011.12.31
Navi Retro
Primary RetroCoaster


2024.05.04   Yub-Nub Mad Owl
2024.04.27   Gummi Bear Picnic Moonbeam
2024.04.13   Starchasers Alphamission 2024 Mad Owl
2024.04.06   Alpha-Mission D1S29 Mad Owl
2023.11.04   Life Day/Omegamission Potluck Bowser
2023.10.28   Hallowheels: Big Twinkie Mad Owl
2023.10.14   Wild Wild Westober Mad Owl
2023.09.30   Starchaser Day XI Mad Owl
2023.08.12   They See Us Rollin’ (Unofficial Mission) (Day... Mad Owl
2023.08.05   Mad Owl Day Mad Owl
2023.07.22   Crab Rangoon Mad Owl
2023.07.15   Bubbles & Bass Mad Owl
2023.07.08   Pedal Melt: the Ice Cream Fantastic Mad Owl
2023.05.27   Starhorse Mad Owl
2023.05.13   Hopeful Bloom (Open Mission) Mad Owl
2023.04.08   Cosmic Seeds Nebula
2023.04.01   Fools' Folly Flights: Alphamission '23 Nebula
2023.01.28   Crow's Nest Spin Star
2022.05.07   TikTok Anonymous SpaceCadet
2021.07.17   Roswell That Ends Well Spin Star
2021.06.19   Pride Spin Star
2021.05.15   Luna Libros VIII: Four Color Chaos Theory Spin Star
2020.12.19   Starchasers Tour de Tacky Shadowman
2019.09.13   AHA! Time Heist Beatleman
2018.11.17   Operation ResCUTE Mission Shadowman
2018.10.20   Cosmic Creeps (SCD Hallowheels) SadCow
2018.09.15   SCULimpics 2018: Star City Games Shadowman
2018.07.07   This Is How We Win Shadowman
2018.05.26   SCD SCUL Day 22 Shadowman
2018.05.09   Alpha Flight 2018 Shadowman
2017.09.09   Glorious Sandchasers present Monbies & Dandies Shadowcat
2017.06.17   Luna Librish Brubacca
2017.05.01   Late Start Great Start Scrambler
2016.12.04   New Hope: Episode One Shadowman
2016.10.13   AHA! Shadowman
2014.07.26   Scrambled Egg-stravaganza metoikos
2012.04.14   Saturn in Opposition metoikos
2011.12.31   Cranks for the Memories metoikos