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Cosmic Creeps (SCD Hallowheels)

"Darkness falls across the quadrant, zero hour is close at hand, cosmic gods in search of food invading all y’all’s neighborhood. And whosoever shall be found without the soul for getting down must stand and face the negi-est g-well and rot inside a space weevil's shell. The foulest stench comes from your gears, the funk of forty thousand light years. Space junk, asteroids, and stardust, too are closing in to pop your tube. But as you fight to bust the funk, you start to catch the feels. For no Starchaser can resist the wonder of Hallowheels! MWAH HAHAHAHAH HAHAH HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA!"

For resistance did indeed prove funktacullarly futile, the Starchasers were in full force for this SCD Hallowheels adventure! Joined by Leotard Umbreon from SCUL Prime and a couple of clowns, a duo of returning rogues, piloting starships equipped with laser hull-plating, our squadron of spooky space spirits zipped about the Buttonwood Constellation for about 5 l.y. through the dreaded infinity gauntlet, skirting the perimeter of a local gathering of young ghouls, celebrating this season of the galactic witch. Our costumes were on point. Our sonic distruptors were blasting. And our laser lights were beaming through the fingers of the eternal carbon pillars, stretching outward and perpetually tickling the rainbow-tinted epidermis of the cosmos.

We danced and chalk-dusted the starlanes at the portal to the Luna Buttonwood Park Zoo, a cluster of biodomestically contained microcosmic dioramas, habitating myriad alien lifeforms of varying size and configuarion. However, on this night, while the aliens slept, tiny demons played in the darkness. We hi-fived and stickered them perhaps insufficiently but they will not soon forget our chromasonic nocturnal circus.

Upon completion of phase one of our journey, Arthur Sad Cow was sucked out of an airlock and gleefully waved farewell to her crew mates and our pilots flew on. Soon the clowns burned up in a shiny happy explosion of sound and color (It was a pleasure flying with you again, friends! We hope to see you again soon.), leaving only four Starchasers remaining to explore the shadows of this western quadrant of time and space.

Suddently, Artemis suffered a malfunctioning tractor beam and jettisoned her bow-mounted sonic disruptors. Leotard assisted in collecting the debris and the team made a plan to dock at Harrington Constellation for repairs. This would be our final shore leave for this mission. Dance protool was initiated and chalkbag was deployed. Repairs were made to the Artemis and the final leg of our mission was underway.

We flew to the edges of the quadrant, entering the the shadow realm and quickly exiting before the tendrils of insanity had a chance to wriggle their way into our collective imagination and drag us into the depths of madness. Goro threw her portside booster, the very same cross-threaded mishap suffered by
Shadowman during one of his first missions. Seasoned veteran pilot Leotard Umbreon made a swift field repair and filed the appropriate damage reports in triplicate the the clerks at Starchaser Central Command and we flew onward to home.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Civitron Artemis 1223.02   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Leotard Goro 275.226   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Mad Owl Angry Candy 278.462  
SadCow My F.E.N.Y.S. 0  
Shadowman Lucifer 545.116   Senior Chief Petty Officer
TurboHoney Merica 450.299   Aviator First Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Civitron
Deck Officer Shadowman
MRC Officer Civitron
Navigator Civitron
Tailgunner TurboHoney
Com-Sat 1 Leotard
Tool Bag TurboHoney
Flat Bag Shadowman
Medi Bag Mad Owl
Ambassador SadCow
Chalk Bag Shadowman
Still Cam Mad Owl
Airlock Shadowman
Life Support 1 Civitron
Life Support 2 TurboHoney
Life Support 3 Shadowman
Life Support 4 SadCow
Life Support 5 Leotard
Damage Control Civitron
Mission Debriefer Civitron
Mission Reporter Civitron
Stellar Cartographer Civitron
Radio Wrangler Civitron
Life Support Synthesis Civitron

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderCivitron
Mission Size 6 pilots
OriginButtonwood Constellation
DestinationThe Shadow Realm
Light Years11.279
G-Well Activity1.433
Technical Rating2.753