Status: Success


TikTok Anonymous

Mission Objectives

• Film a TikTok dance!
• Derby!
• Practice a flight formation!
• Fly at least 8 l.y.

Mission Summary

Greetings fellow star pilots, Legehammer brings word of success to an exciting and dangerous mission filled with interstellar dance parties, derbies, hazings, and knighting ceremonies. Begin at Fort Jonathan, a group of good-willing pilots and recruits, both familiar and new, are gathered and chatting with one another wholeheartedly. Little did they know that the launch site was right where they were standing. Blasted off unexpectedly, the star team Starchasers flew bravely to a dance party place in the downtown area of the cosmos where there was a heavy traffic of transport vessels and even a giant sandworm?

The team met with local aliens at the VEGAS and VEGAS befriended and made peace at this constellation and used space chalk and stuff. But then the vicious sandworm appeared and we scattered back to attention and made an escape and there were a lot of transport vessels and I think we shook the vicious sandworm and made headway to coordinates unknown. VEGAS we were in an unknown sector of space? No, it was in the Buttonwood Park constellation. We must have crept in through the backdoor. A lone transport overlooked the team of Starchasers on a dangerous space derby. VEGAS Pilots and recruits were like all over the place playing bandit in a friendly competition; perhaps a training exercise? This was a derby. VEGAS

We were gathered at a place of space ceremony, ships docked, tired from the mission, we again chatted with one-another wholeheartedly or familiarized ourselves with the locale. A new recruit Goldstar who had won the derby, was knighted by MadOwl, and there was a tik-tok anonymous recording that the team made which took some rehearsal; here Snoop-A-Loop did pushups. Coordinates were set for fort Jonathan. SpinStar experienced turbulence and recovered, and the team rounded a blackhole before returning to the fort. At the fort Betternaut was hazed, medals were awarded, and the mission was declared a success - from whence the team of Starchasers pilots gathered to discuss VEGAS sandwiches and exchange our humble goodbyes.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Civitron Artemis 1417   Ensign
Goldstar Rodeo Clown 665.486   Aviator First Class
Legehammer Cool Christmas Present 202.584   Pilot
Mad Owl Civilian Ship 690.376   Aviator First Class
Snoop A Loop Voluptuous 0  
SpaceCadet My F.E.N.Y.S. 0  
Spin Star Goro 876.454   Petty Officer Third Class
TurboHoney Civilian Ship 70.376  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Civitron
Deck Officer Goldstar
Gate Attendant Goldstar
Navigator Civitron
Tailgunner Spin Star
Tool Bag SpaceCadet
Flat Bag Goldstar
Medi Bag Mad Owl
Ambassador TurboHoney
Chalk Bag Snoop A Loop
Starchasers - Fun Bag Legehammer
Still Cam SpaceCadet
Life Support 1 Civitron
Mission Pinner Spin Star
Mission Debriefer Civitron
Mission Reporter Legehammer
Stellar Cartographer Goldstar
Beer Mule Snoop A Loop
Food Wrangler Goldstar

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderCivitron
Mission Size 8 pilots
OriginFort Jonathan
DestinationInternet Virality
Light Years8.260
G-Well Activity1.324
Technical Rating2.532