Pilot Date2020.10.17
Total Light Years231.00
Current Experience293.71

I have Aspergers syndrome and am living some kind of life on my own. I'm stay on the outside of a social gathering and can't quite seem to fit in, maybe I'm an alien? But if Harry Potter can play to his strengths then one weakness should not define me. I excel in learning, analyzing, and finding patterns so maybe I can still serve a purpose in the group.


Com-Sat 11
Tool Bag2
Flat Bag3
Medi Bag5
Chalk Bag3
Starchasers - Fun Bag1
Life Support 33
Mission Reporter4


Colors on Person


Hosted ByCivitron
Enlistment Date2019.10.19
Knighted ByCivitron
Pilot Date2020.10.17

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2023.09.09 SCD Shmedal Schmelt Ghost Ship
2023.04.08 SCD Cosmic Seeds Cool Christmas Present
2023.04.01 MAD Fools' Folly Flights: Alphamission '23 Cool Christmas Present
2023.01.28 SCD Crow's Nest Goro
2022.11.20 SCD Cranksgiving NB IV Rodeo Clown
2022.10.22 SCD Hallowheels/Fall Fest/Scary Movie Triple Feature Rodeo Clown
2022.10.01 SCD Wet Dry Run Cool Christmas Present
2022.08.20 SCD Ice Cream, You Scream, We All Scream at the Ocean Cool Christmas Present
2022.06.04 SCD Prom Night Cool Christmas Present
2022.05.07 SCD TikTok Anonymous Cool Christmas Present
2021.12.04 SCD Spectacle de Cosmique Cool Christmas Present
2021.11.13 SCD Cranksgiving: Hold onto your nutz Cool Christmas Present
2021.10.16 SCD Darkest Timeline Cool Christmas Present
2021.09.18 SCD Empty Orchestra Cool Christmas Present
2021.07.17 SCD Roswell That Ends Well Civilian Ship
2021.06.19 SCD Pride Civilian Ship
2021.05.15 SCD Luna Libros VIII: Four Color Chaos Theory Civilian Ship
2021.04.17 SCD Folicular Commutation Civilian Ship
2020.12.19 SCD Starchasers Tour de Tacky Civilian Ship
2020.10.17 SCD Hallowheels: Ring the Bells Civilian Ship
2020.10.01 SCD Konami Code (#NBPUBPEDAL) Civilian Ship
2020.08.15 SCD Pedal Melt: Ice Cream Fantastic Civilian Ship
2019.12.21 SCD Starchasers Tour de Tacky/Life Day Civilian Ship
2019.11.16 SCD Starchasers Cranksgiving Civilian Ship
2019.10.19 SCD Hallowheels: Neon Blood Civilian Ship
2019.10.05 SCD Luna Libros VI: Technicolour Treasure Hunt Civilian Ship
Stone Cog