Light Years515.459
Thrust Rating8
Handling Rating3
Difficulty Rating2
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeHaro
Chief EngineerZardoz
Christened on2013.04.20
LocationFort Jonathan
Navi RetroSide-pull Caliper
Primary RetroSide-pull Caliper


2024.06.01   Joy Ride (Femmes and Thems Ride) Dipper
2023.09.30   Starchaser Day XI Dipper
2023.05.13   Hopeful Bloom (Open Mission) Dipper
2023.04.08   Cosmic Seeds Spin Star
2022.05.07   TikTok Anonymous Snoop A Loop
2020.12.19   Starchasers Tour de Tacky Zardoz
2020.10.17   Hallowheels: Ring the Bells Zardoz
2019.12.21   Starchasers Tour de Tacky/Life Day Beatleman
2019.10.05   Luna Libros VI: Technicolour Treasure Hunt Beatleman
2016.09.10   Space Camp: The Revenge Everest
2016.06.25   Into The Void Truth Seeker
2016.04.16   Alphachaser 5 Shadowman
2015.05.23   Nasty Jazz Sage
2015.05.16   Luna Libros III: Holocron Heist Nopes The Mayor Morcus
2015.04.18   Soft Potato Zardoz
2014.09.27   Chasing Down the Day Star: Parts 1 & 2 Nopes The Mayor Morcus
2014.08.30   Cahdbawd Sawds Nopes The Mayor Morcus
2014.08.14   Soggy Paradox Zardoz
2014.07.17   High Horse Nopes The Mayor Morcus
2014.07.05   Mad Owl's Red Scare Zardoz
2014.06.28   Roswell That Ends Well Zardoz
2014.05.31   Desolation of Chalkulust! Zardoz
2014.05.17   Luna Libros II: Codex Schmodex Zardoz
2014.05.03   Seal the Rift Zardoz
2014.04.19   Attack of the Carbon Barnacles! Zardoz
2014.04.12   Starchaser Alphamission '14 Beatleman
2013.10.26   A Very Starchasers Hallowheels Beatleman
2013.08.24   Metric Century of the Phoenix Beatleman
2013.06.01   Almost Legal (SCUL Day 2013) Beatleman
2013.05.18   Luna Libros Beatleman
2013.05.04   Bring Home the Tesseract Beatleman
2013.04.27   Blame Somebody Else Beatleman
2013.04.20   Tomorrow is Yesterday is Today Zardoz