Status: Success


Blame Somebody Else

The Starchasers are at it again! Or was someone else? No. It wasn’t me!

We departed Fort Jonathan in search of our new floating launch pad! New things are new! However, on this night we found ourselves launching from behind a lunar fueling station in a very public constellation. Too public. Many civilians were in awe of our magnificent starships, newly equipped with lasers galore! It was difficult to hear each other over the din of incoming and oncoming transport vehicles. So, we made haste with the mission brief and set on our way.

Not long after launch, we were descended upon by a cloaked Bird of Prey, no doubt capable of making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs at a space-time shattering warp 11. Hailing frequency open, the vehicle's co-pilot asked, "What's powering those things?" to which we responded, "We are!" Suddenly, they dropped their shields and it became apparent we were dealing with STs in full force! They liked us though and took some scans of our ships for analysis.

The New Bedford System is still mostly unaware of the Starchasers. Along the way, jaws dropped, cheers rang through the air and questions were answered. We were followed by a civilian transport, which circled around our squadron for some time before wishing us luck on our journey and slowly floated into the night.

Crush the cups, crush the cups! Blame it on someone else!

Along the borders of the Veteris-orbis Quadrant, the Starchasers skirted the perimeter of an orbiting star destroyer before docking for a brief shore leave at Luna Cumbies. Later, Talbot experienced a small amount of difficulty navigating Angry Candy through the turbulent negi g-wells but the Starchasers combined the mighty forces of our ships to form VOLTRON FORMATION! With our powers combined, we were all able to best this difficult route without stopping.

At the end of the night, after all the denial and finger-pointing, we didn't know who did what and what belonged to whom. So, we left feeling sufficiently absolved of our sins. Until next week...

Hail to the Starchasers, baby!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Beatleman Voluptuous 0  
Civitron Artemis 2162.62   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Sage Lucifer 1776.62   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
talbot Angry Candy 844.039   Lieutenant Junior Grade
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Civitron
Deck Officer Civitron
Gate Attendant Sage
MRC Officer Civitron
Navigator Civitron
Tailgunner Sage
Com-Sat 1 Beatleman
Tool Bag Sage
Flat Bag Sage
Medi Bag talbot
Ambassador Civitron
Chalk Bag Beatleman
Still Cam Sage
Airlock talbot
Life Support 1 Civitron
Damage Control talbot
Minister of Zoobs Sage
Mission Reporter Sage
Food Wrangler Sage
Sentry Sage

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderCivitron
Mission Size 4 pilots
OriginFort Jonathan
DestinationAbdication and Salvation
Light Years13.315
G-Well Activity7.732
Technical Rating6.562