Status: Success


Hopeful Bloom (Open Mission)

Mission Objectives

  • Wear flowers and/or dress your ship in flowers
  • Fly to Serenity Gardens
  • Take photos of flowers

Mission Summary

Bowser took on the mission lead and navigator after Civitron was feeling a bit under the cosmic radiation. After forming ranks with improvised life support and meeting up with junior cadet Payton in Custom house square, the Starchasers hit the cobble stones. Cadet Dipper was encountering some mechanical issues, Mad Owl and Sad Cow agreed to escort Dipper back to Ft Union to swap out for a functioning ship.
We reached Serenity gardens to find small strawberry blossoms and beach plum roses. Waiting for Mad Owl and co. to rendezvous, we danced and proceeded to bust the funk. Beside the roses we opened hailing frequencies, until Dipper, Sad Cow and Mad Owl arrived. As the hopeful bloom of Serenity Gardens were few and far between, the crew blasted off to Haskell Gardens to explore more floral fascination. Return to base when smoothy, although we shipped out green, none went by.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bowser Artemis 120.176  
Dipper Voluptuous 0  
Mad Owl My F.E.N.Y.S. 116.609   Aviator
SadCow Rodeo Clown 68.6093   Pilot
Smae Civilian Ship 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Pinner Mad Owl

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 5 pilots
OriginFort Union
DestinationSerenity Gardens
Light Years6.010
G-Well Activity2.000
Technical Rating2.137