Status: Success



*******GRAND TOTAL: 287 lbs*******

The Starchasers intercepted a distress signal from The United Way. The Hunger Heroes had established a temporary outpost inside Buttonwood Park Constellation and they needed our help filling their sustenance pods. Prior to launch, we were provided a manifest, a BINGO card, and a map provided by Stellar Cartography identifying seven possible fulfillment stations. To complete our mission, the Starchasers had to equip our ships with expanded cargo holds and fly to each of these seven locations, complete seven challenges, and help the Hunger Heroes feed the galaxy!

The Division Admiral beamed down to the launchpad disguised as a widdle baby Gobblezilla and led a squadron of overdressed pilots, including a fully enflared recruit from the "Scallop", through the NBS under an incredibly inclement warm Day Star.


Then, we flew to the first checkpoint, the Lunar D&S Mart II to find as many dessert mixes as we could possibly carry. While some pilots raided store shelves for the most delectable unsavory molecules, others deployed chalk back to leave messages of hope an inspiration for the New Bedford Star System. Firefly tested the carrying capacity of Starfire's cargo hold, MedBaby gobbled up some empanadas de carne, and Mad Owl snarfed down some peanut butter crackers.


Due to a temporal anomaly, we were forced to skip our second stop. The cluster of lunar stations containing our donation bins, including Calico, The MadLila, Hewn, Play Arcade, and Luxury Exchange were all closed but we found a full bin at Coastal New England Federal Credit Union. They even brought it out to us! We thanked them for their help and loaded up our ships with all the food.


At the Lunar Price Rite, the Starchasers were tasked with giving a sticker to a stranger and procuring boxes of stuffing and cornbread. A kind passerby scanned our ships and offered us a few cans of beans in exchange. Gobblzilla ran a muck through the aisles of the store bringing smiles to many a patron.


We did star jumps outside the aptly named Star Market and picked up some canned vegetables!


On the way to the next checkpoint, MedBaby suffered a jettisoned sonic disruptor. It was recovered and reinstalled. That's when we discovered that his ship's helm was upside down. Boomer helped him make the appropriate repairs and he realized that flying ships, even civlian ships, is not as difficult as he thought. Inside the Save-A-Lot, pilots grabbed cranberry sauce and gravy. We even helped them out with their food drive! Outside, we spun around in circles a lot! We fell down a lot and laughed a lot! RedBeard and Spinster (a formerly unnamed cadet but she earned the title) had a spin that just would not quit and we had to call it. They probably spun through space for five whole minutes. It was fun!


Even though we had one more stop planned, we only had 30 minutes left on the clock. So, this would have to be our final checkpoint. Luckily, we were on the last column of our BINGO cards. Unfortunately, no one got BINGO anyway. We'll figure this game out someday. Anyway, we picked up some instant potatoes and a bunch of other delicious foods, loaded up our ships, and set a course for the Hunger Heroes Food Drop.

With our extra weight, the flight back was challenging and slow going but our path was free of negative g-wells. As we entered launchpad airspace, we could hear the buzzing buzz of the buzzing worker bees buzzing around the Hunger Heroes Food Drop. We arrived to much fanfare, cheers, and smiles from the volunteers and dropped our cargo for weighing and sorting. After the cleanup, it was time to give out the awards!

Since there were no actual winning BINGO cards, we went with three or more. The "winners" fought it out with Rock, Paper, Scissors, establishing winners across multiple timelines. Other prizes included: Checkpoint Champ, Most Cargo Carried, and Best Dressed! Winners are listed below!

BINGO! "Congratualtions! There was a pilot in deep space and BINGO is your name, oh! You've won Operation Cranksgiving's BINGO challenge. You clearly have a big heart. You should probably see a doctor for that. For now, kick back and enjoy this can of hoon-ohs-wutt. You deserve it!

Second Place: Mad Owl
First Place: Spinster

Checkpoint Champ! This prize is awarded to the pilots who completed the most challenges! "Congratulations! You are the all-singing, all-dancing champion of the world. You're down to clown in all the right ways, earning you the prize for Operation Cranksgiving's "Checkpoint Champ" You've carpe-ed the heck out of this diem!"

Third Place: MedBaby
Second Place: Mad Owl
First Place: Spinster

Most Cargo Carried! "Congratulations! Wow! You've performed truly superhuman feats of strength, today! Your ability to carry all the things has earned you the prize for Operation Cranksgiving's "Most Cargo". You're clearly the strongest among us or you just make bad choices."

Winner: Spinster!

The "Best Dressed" award was bestowed upon Civitron by himself, following a unanimous vote of one... his own.

Following the award ceremony, the crew circled around the fragile lamb we had come to know as MedBaby and proceeded to haze him with some of the nicest insults anyone has ever received before deciding that he's alright. We can keep him.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Boomer Civilian Ship 0  
Civitron Starfire 1201.99   Commander
Firefly Civilian Ship 362.878   Aviator
Mad Owl Civilian Ship 351.602   Petty Officer Third Class
MedBaby Civilian Ship 0  
RedBeard Angry Candy 284.267   Aviator
TurboHoney Hook 108.007  
TV Civilian Ship 0  
Veve Civilian Ship 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Civitron
Deck Officer TV
Gate Attendant Mad Owl
MRC Officer Civitron
Navigator Civitron
Tailgunner Firefly
Com-Sat 1 RedBeard
Tool Bag Firefly
Flat Bag MedBaby
Medi Bag RedBeard
Ambassador Firefly
Chalk Bag Mad Owl
Still Cam TV
Airlock Civitron
Life Support 1 Civitron
Life Support 2 RedBeard
Life Support 3 Mad Owl
Damage Control Civitron
Minister of Zoobs Civitron
Mission Pinner Mad Owl
Mission Debriefer Civitron
Mission Reporter Civitron
Stellar Cartographer Civitron
Filmer Boomer
Paper Wrangler Firefly
Print Jockey Firefly
Radio Wrangler Civitron
Life Support Synthesis Civitron

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderCivitron
Mission Size 9 pilots
OriginButtonwood Park Launchpad
DestinationAwkward Family Dinners
Light Years8.628
G-Well Activity1.346
Technical Rating3.000