Status: Success


Short Butt Sweet

This mission almost never left the launchpad due to excessive radiation levels in the early part of the evening, and wheather forcasters warned of hail and strong winds. We decided it was imperative we rode anyway, WalTor and Flasher transported in from other galaxies to be on the mission, and CrazyBen had not seen PitGirl and Skunk in over five earth years, and was also mission hungry. Not to mention Admiral NoWayRays week end plans fell though, so SCUL was blessed with one mission with his presence. NoWay aslo brough in his fist maggot, or recruit, Lefty. NoWay and Lefty had just retured from teh Mass Bike ride. By the time we were ready for countdown the weather was willing to cooperate.

About 2 light years into the mission, Abandon All Hope's Rear thrusther went off the curb with so much force there was a huge pop. It seemed to hold air for another half a light year or so, but eventually lost enough for the rear end of the ship to start slopping aroud a lot. We had yet another flat.

Radoibag was searched for a repair kit. We found plenty of patches, but the glue was empty from leaking out over the course of weeks. We managed to squeeze a precoius drop out. It wasn't enough. We needed someone to race back to fort Francis to get another oxygen tank. Dead By Dawn stepped forward. "Brink beer!" we shouted jokingly as she headed just out of earshot

We decided to make the most of our time while we waited and had a quick dogfight. During the heat of battle Mucus chased after a civilian ship passing though, thinking he was in the game. The civilian dropped all five of his rear gears and crunched away in sheer terror.

Within moments DeadByDawn returned with a tube and half a case of Schlitz. We made our repairs and were off in a race to beat the clock. By now it was getting late, and Luna Herrell's Ice Cream was getting close to closing time.

Thanks to some one way wrong way turns and some sidewalk riding (a big no no in Harvard Canstellation), we made it with time to spare. The ice cream was great, as usual, and we had earned it. We walked our ships a half block to the Infamoud Harvard Square pit, and ate our ice cream.

Some people finished earlier than others and began horsing around in the pit. Skunk rode down the stairs with six Schlitz in the back basket of SIH HiLo, causing some of them to explode. Not the first time beer was spilled in the pit, but usualy it's been in someone's stomash first. Flasher bunny-hopped USB Colosomos and busted the banana seat off the seat post. It was glorious. Some nice field repair work by WalTor put us back on track. We decided to count our blessings and head back to base. A nice dogfight derby at Luna Star Market rounded off a short but eventful mission.

Let the record show that Mucus was the first recruit to help out with repairs enough before a mission to be promoted to Aviator before his first ride. Never before had this been accomplished.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Crazy Ben Greed 100.814   Aviator First Class
Dead By Dawn HiLo 41.781  
Flasher Colostomos 42.1214  
Lefty Famine 57.8179   Aviator
Mucus Trez Bonz 63.4146   Aviator
NoWay Darkendank 64.8967   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Pit Girl Sloth 35.758   Petty Officer Second Class
Skunk Abandon All Hope 139.7   Admiral, Fleet Ready
WalTor Singularity 108.034   Petty Officer First Class
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Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 9 pilots
OriginFort Francis
DestinationLuna Herrell's, Haravrd Constellation
Light Years6.400
G-Well Activity1.234
Technical Rating2.112