Status: Success


Inmates Run The Asylum

Mission Objectives

try to lead a mission without Skunk
answer a distress call
do a few donuts around the globe

Mission Summary

Skunk, Diva and Waltor went to Galaxy Maine this weekend, so the mission was in our hands. Rotwang and Moose made sure that everything ran smoothly. We launched on time, and headed directly to Luna ThirteenSixtyNine, to accost human Tim and the others as they were closing up shop. They graciously welcomed us. From there we left for the Kendell Glo… oh wait, MECHANICAL. Um, yeah we hung out for the good part of an hour while the newly christened PDP DexionDestroyer repaired a failed primary thruster plasma casing. Or so we thought. When we finally took off, we saw Grendel riding the other way, but he wasn't sucessfully lured to join the fleet. We rode to the Kendell Globe and orbited for awhile. While there, Rotwang wrangled us an invitation to a distress call in the LincolnPark System, via subspace communicator. Rather than ride directly to the scene of the distress, we cruised through the Central and Harvard constellations and were warmly greeted by the food we met along the way. We stopped to derby a couple times at the Cambride Cellulose Based Information Storage Facility. Finally, we set off for the party, at Moneyshot's old fort in the LincolnPark System. We quickly insinuated ourselves into the party. After a suitable time mingling we saddled up to go, however we soon realized that DexionDestroyer's thruster still wasn't fully plasma-tight. It was tweaked and reinflated in order to limp back to fort. The End!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Asher Summer 456.229   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Lefty Lucy Ez Raider 105.206  
LoJack Bonnie & Clyde 184.125   Lieutenant Commander
Monkeyboy Skylab 172.507  
moose Trez Bonz 677.51   Admiral
Nameless VWBeetle 393.695   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Rotwang Devastation 1368.57   Vice Admiral
Threespeed DexionDestroyer 440.27   Chief Petty Officer
TorqueBox Scrub 200.211   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Vegetable Mjollnir 482.411   Commander
vomit Abandon All Hope 244.069  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Rotwang
Deck Officer moose
Navigator moose
Tailgunner Asher
Tool Bag Rotwang
Medi Bag Lefty Lucy
Mission Debriefer Diva
Mission Reporter vomit

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderRotwang
Mission Size 11 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationWhat's it to you?
Light Years9.690
G-Well Activity1.063
Technical Rating1.428