Status: Success


Chasing The Stars With The Starchasers

One late September afternoon, a crack squad of dedicated pilots set
out on a two Earth day journey that would take them to the far reaches
of the New Bedford system to observe the commissioning of a new
division of SCUL. Civi-spawn Mad Owl came along for the ride.

Stardate: 20120929s

Our brave team departed the Somerville system via heavy transport to
the rendezvous coordinates on the border of the Middleboro/Lakeville
systems. There, Civitron, along with Ladytron and the Mad Owl, awaited
their arrival. First to arrive was FAdm Skunk and Beezwax in light
transport, towing Skylab and a disassembled Cloudbuster. As Mad Owl
single-handedly hoisted the mighty ships from their cargo hold, our
companions (Danimal, Dr. Claw, Metoikos, and Wombat) arrived in a
grand display of astrobatics.

With introductions made and fuel dumped, these ambitious adventurers
ventured into the wormhole toward the once fabled Secret Sector of the
New Bedford system. Ladytron prepared to provide air support, and Mad
Owl joined our squad of sensational superheroes as Civitron's
bombardier. Go, Mad Owl, Go!

Fleet Admiral Skunk busted the funk, while Civitron navigated the
battalion around scenic nebulae and through regions of deep space. The
radiation was light and the negi g-wells were forgiving with vast
respites of posi. On a brief shore leave at a small cluster of moons,
we spotted a wild and majestic bald space eagle!

From Middleboro to Lakeville, Freetown to New Bedford, the natives of
this region of space seemed awestruck by the funkadelic power of our
starships. Some cheered our arrival and some just stood and stared,
hypnotized by the lasers reflected off the disco deathstar. Finally,
our spirits unbroken but our bodies eager for a break, we arrived at
our destination.

We docked our ships at Fort Jonathan and entered the Casa de Tres C
where we indulged in some much needed refueling and revelry. We
wrangled beer molecules and sampled some indigenous delicacies from No
Problemo, celebrated our victory, and Skunk entertained the younglings
with his conjuring skills. Danimal spent much of the evening aiding
two aspiring baby maggots complete the construction of a new ship to
add to the fleet. Later, we got down to business to discuss the
top-sekrit details of the new division.

After dinner, we gathered in Fort Jonathan for a first-class
officiating ceremony. FAdm Skunk read the contract and officially
welcomed the Starchaser Division into the SCUL Armada (officially)!
The champagne was popped, the contracted signed, hands were shook, and
boots were tied. We made a toast where no one said anything memorable
and headed to the launch pad for a late launch.

Launch was delayed until 2300. Thankfully, Beezwax was available to
make the announcement.

The night mission was a short one. We made our way to the downtown
area, dazzled the civilians, and exchanged some hi-fives. Often, they
weren't sure what to do but we believe they were genuinely inspired.
Our brand of funkadelia may just be perfect for this system. That
theory was further validated when we encountered our first ST of the
night. Though he was friendly with Civitron, he asked us to keep it
down. "Civi? What's wrong with you and your friends? You need a permit
for half the stuff you're doing, tonight!" His major concern seemed to
be our lack of visibility. Apparently, Cloudbuster's disco ball is
hard to see at night. Something to note for the Starchasers, but
merely an unfortunate coincidence that the ships from SCUL Prime were
not armed with lasers. Another ST joined the conversation and he gave
us the go-ahead to "blast it" once they were out of earshot.

We left the downtown constellations for a quiet route along the
waterfront. The sky was filled with an orange glow and our pilots
became enthralled by the music of the celestial sea. We disembarked
and set our feet on her rocky shores. Our time there was filled with
dancing, singing, and a few pilots even shed their spacesuits to be
tickled by the salty sea air. The abyss entranced us and filled us
with a hopeful sense that SCUL has found another home.

As we headed back to Fort Jonathan, Cloudbuster stopped to correct a
minor malfunction, Danimal crash landed, and babymaggot Tappy spotted
possible fire. He issued a subspace transmission to the local space
authority and then we spacewalked to a nearby luna 7-11 to refuel and
make repairs.

The nightlife was enthusiastic and we encountered many more STs while
making our repairs, but none gave us any trouble. Sticker Bag was busy
all night.

Once our repairs were complete, we continued our trek through the
stars to Fort Jonathan for a good/short night's sleep.


Stardate: 20120930x

The next morning, the pilots awoke with a desire to yet again refuel.
We devoured the donuts and annihilated the fruit, but took time to
savor the delicious kale soup prepared by Ladytron the night before.
Still, that wasn't enough. So we headed to Orchid Diner for a hearty

After breakfast, we quickly boarded our starships to make it back to
our transport before the wormhole closed, once again. Danimal
volunteered to provide air support with Ladytron and Mad Owl. And
Civitron navigated the battalion through the Secret Sector at high
warp, passing crowds of cheering civilians. More hi-fives were
exchanged and stickers distributed. One thing's for certain: New
Bedford loves SCUL!

Soon after we attained escape velocity and entered Freetown airspace,
Civitron exploded! The pieces were everywhere but all the king's
horses and all the king's men (and women) quickly put Civi together
again. He'll be suffering from bananarama for a few days.

At the transport station, we regrouped with our companions to bid
farewell to our friends. Remain strong and stalwart, fine Starchasers.
May you stay ever vigilant and ever prepared to BUST THE FUNK!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
beezwax Skylab 1773.36   Commodore
Camel Dude Vera   
Civitron Artemis 1578.87   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
danimal Paxton 0  
DrClaw Delirium 1003.16  
Mad Owl Starbuck 0   Pilot
metoikos Mjollnir 1192.36   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Skunk Cloudbuster 1481.9  
Wombat Moneypenny 1471.03   Admiral, Fleet Ready
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer beezwax
Gate Attendant metoikos
Navigator Civitron
Tailgunner danimal
Com-Sat 1 beezwax
Tool Bag metoikos
Flat Bag DrClaw
Medi Bag Wombat
Wookiee Bag danimal
Ambassador Civitron
Still Cam Civitron
Airlock Wombat
Mission Reporter Civitron
Food Wrangler Civitron

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 9 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationSecret Sector and the Celestial Sea
Light Years61.930
G-Well Activity3.235
Technical Rating3.958