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Once upon a time, in the Pastry Kingdom of Camberville, there lived a wise and wonderful Pastry Queen. She ruled her kingdom well, and saw to it that pastries and all kinds of delectable treats were known and loved, eaten and enjoyed. The kingdom thrived, and the people were glad.

But one year, as spring struggled to bloom from the rocky remains of a long and rambling winter, spirits in the pastry kingdom were low. Pastry Queen, unable to sit idly by as her people suffered, went and found her brave and beautiful Sidekick. And she said,

"I need you, dear Sidekick, to lead for me a mission. The magic in the Pastry Workshops is dwindling with the sadness of our people, and each day many pastries go to waste. Assemble for me the Knights of this kingdom, and ask of them to bring whatever magic they may, be it fairy dust, cream cannons, or slaphappy gummybunnies. I shall guide you along this journey so we may rescue forgotten pastries and revitalize the magic of the workshops."

And so Sidekick, eager to see her kingdom happy again, assembled knights from across the land. Twenty three intrepid souls gathered on a damp and chilly Saturnight. Some had served the kingdom for many years, others were new to their duties. Of the 23, two were brought on for their first ever mission, for Cotton Candy and Framerate felt the call to act as their kingdom was in peril.

The knights mounted their various strange steeds after eXceSs christened perhaps the strangest of them all-- and everyone was cautioned to give the wooden-wheeled wonder a wide berth. And then off! into the night they rode, with the glorious groove in their souls and on their Radioboxen.

At the first stop, the knights readily went about their work spreading their chalk-tag-magic through the Lot of Lyndell's. From the far end of the Lot, Threespeed and DeadBride heard the faint whisper of the dumpster fairies and went to investigate. Moments later they returned with a box brimming full of rescued pastries of many kinds -- doughnuts, danishes, even entire pies! The knights gathered round to partake in the bounty, digging in with joy and ever growing sugar highs. When it was time to move on, the remaining bounty was strapped to Sewer's Spitfire, and the knights rode off again.

Over the course of the evening, many workshops were brought some magic: taza chocolates, squirrel nut zipper, necco, and nabisco were all visited by the dedicated knights. Along the way they stopped at a dog park to honor the life of Sewer's companion, recently passed, and the ritual of the Group Hug was performed for mourning knight, who bravely carried on.

Such was their success of their mission that to celebrate, Pastry Queen and Sidekick called for a Derby-- but no ordinary derby! Rather than ribbon grabs, the knights would have to splatter their competitors with cream, carried in a pie crust. The maggot Shadowcat impressed even veterans of the game by winning every round! And with sticky hands and happy hearts, the knights rejoiced.

The evening was eventful indeed, and many great acts were performed by the knights. RadMax was very chic in a beautiful skirt and corset, eXceSs superman'd on Water, Rocket generously taught others to ride 88, Punchy herded many HARV's and evoked the voice of the absent Leotard in their calls of "Incoming!" ... Alas, there is too much for this scribe to tell, but know that everything that came to pass was a rousing SUCCESS!

Content with a job well done, the knights returned from their journey, thanking Sidekick and Pastry Queen for leading their tasty adventure. And in the morning, when the people of the Pastry Kingdom awoke, they each felt their spirit a little lighter.

The end.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Cloudbuster 369.497   Petty Officer First Class
Cotton Candy Bieber Fever 0  
couscous Glittergasm 0  
Dead Bride Mad Rabbit 175.029   Petty Officer Third Class
DrClaw Shockwave 394.329   Petty Officer Second Class
Everest Spooky Pirate 327.838   Aviator
eXceSs Kamp -n- YOLO 532.977   Petty Officer Second Class
Framerate Pestilence 0  
fstop Water 287.422   Petty Officer Third Class
Joyride Stilleto 143.891  
Lordmcfuzz Moneypenny 995.78   Chief Petty Officer
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 368.603   Petty Officer Third Class
perilous El Guapo 0  
Punchy More Chaobell 619.745   Petty Officer Third Class
RadMax RadRig 278.122   Aviator First Class
Rocket 88 349.883   Aviator First Class
Shadowcat Iridium 0  
Sidekick Yer Mom 403.387   Aviator First Class
Silfr Spitfire 136.387   Aviator First Class
Snow Deep Blue Dream   
Taco Kewpie 266.765  
Threespeed Dr. Moreau 289.091   Petty Officer Third Class
Wombat Pale Horse 282.202  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Sidekick
Deck Officer Punchy
MRC Officer Lordmcfuzz
Navigator Pastry Queen
Tailgunner Punchy
Com-Sat 1 eXceSs
Com-Sat 2 Threespeed
Com-Sat 3 Taco
Tool Bag Joyride
Flat Bag RadMax
Medi Bag Rocket
Wookiee Bag couscous
Ambassador Framerate
Chalk Bag Shadowcat
Still Cam fstop
Airlock eXceSs
Recycler Cotton Candy
Life Support 1 BaneThunderwolf
Life Support 2 DrClaw
Damage Control Everest
Minister of Zoobs Everest
Mission Pinner couscous
Mission Debriefer Punchy
Mission Reporter Punchy
Stellar Cartographer Pastry Queen
Cleaner Lordmcfuzz
Compressor Wrangler perilous
Food Wrangler Pastry Queen
Print Jockey Punchy

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSidekick
Mission Size 23 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
Light Years12.444
G-Well Activity1.108
Technical Rating1.282